Take Your Security Beyond Antivirus and Firewalls

The tools we are familiar with such as Antivirus and Firewalls do a great job of keeping threats away from your PC’s, laptops and other devices. 

But cyber attacks continue to grow in sophistication and businesses need to do more to protect themselves.  

Many cyber security solutions focus purely on tools. However, we understand that modern attacks are more complex and highly personalised. The Your Cyber Team solution provides you with your own dedicated Security Team backed up by state of the art technology.

This Human/Machine Hybrid is the way hackers work – and it's the best way to stop them.


Your Cyber Team Basics
Take Your Security To The Next Level
Per Person Per Month
Your Own Cyber Security Team with 24/7 Monitoring and Instant Response & Remediation
Secure Password Generation & Password Vault
24/7 Monitoring of the Internet and Dark Web for compromised credentials
Your Cyber Team Advanced
The Ultimate Security Package
User / Month
Your Own Cyber Security Team with 24/7 Monitoring and Instant Response & Remediation
Secure Password Generation & Password Vault
24/7 Monitoring of the Internet and Dark Web for compromised credentials
Advanced Protection Against Personalised Spear Phishing Attacks
AI Based Protection Against Account Takeover and Targeted Attacks
Access to the world’s largest library of security awareness training content
Automated training campaigns with scheduled reminder emails
Fully automated simulated phishing attacks

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Your Cyber Team Basics
Your Cyber Team Essentials
Your Cyber Team Advanced
Your Own Cyber Security Team
Cyber Security Reviews & Assessments
24/7 Human And Machine Monitoring Against Threats
Instant Response And Remediation
Minimise Impact And Disruption From Attacks With Automatic Rollback
Secure Password Generation
Secure Password Vault
24/7 Monitoring of the Internet and Dark Web for Compromised Credentials
Advanced Protection Against Phishing
AI Based Protection Against Account Takeover And Targeted Attacks
Domain Fraud Prevention
Access To The World’s Largest Library Of Security Awareness Training Content
Automated Training Campaigns With Scheduled Reminder Emails
Best In Class, Fully Automated Simulated Phishing Attacks
Enterprise Strength Reporting Showing Stats And Graphs For Both Training & Phishing

The Human Touch

While machines are very smart, they are not ‘cunning’: a human mind is needed to add the element that no automated detection system can provide.   

Now you can add your very own Security Team at a price you can afford.  Every level of Your Secure includes access to a Security Operations Centre (SOC) and includes Managed Detection & Response (MDR).  

An outsourced team will monitor your systems 24/7, working alongside the technology to provide the very highest levels of protection. Security experts undertake ‘threat hunting’ – not simply passively waiting for an attack, but seeking out the warning signs of hackers probing systems for weaknesses and heading them off before they can compromise your defences. 

Advanced Email Protection

Email remains the preferred method of attack for many hackers. 

Traditional filters guard against known threats, and you need that protection in place. However, they cannot recognise the highly personalised phishing emails that are often used in targeted attacks.

To protect your business against these threats we use an Artificial Intelligence engine which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and learns your employees unique communication patterns.

This then monitors their inbox and outbox in real-time, looking for unusual activity and identifying potential phishing emails. Potential threats are blocked before they get to the your employees inbox.  This all works in the background and without slowing anything down.

Security Starts With Good Password Management

Your password manager creates random, high-strength passwords for all your websites and applications and stories them in a secure vault on all your devices. 

Each employee gets a private, encrypted vault for storing and managing their passwords, credentials, files and private client data. This Saves employees time, frustration and eliminates the need for them to reset, reuse and remember passwords. It’s very difficult to know if your password has been compromised. 

That’s why we also include 24/7 monitoring of the Internet and the Dark Web, looking for exposed usernames and passwords and checking them against your vault, then alerting you so you can immediately change your password. That’s the ultimate protection! 

Cyber Security Training with Simulated Phishing Attacks

One off training is great, but the lessons are quickly forgotten, and behaviours revert back without reinforcement. 

 The solution is ongoing training, with lessons broken down into manageable chunks and constant testing of knowledge and practical application of the skills learnt. 

Gain access to the worlds largest library of security awareness content and relax knowing your staff are receiving the best training possible, straight to their inbox. Test awareness with simulated phishing attacks, then see tailored training for each individual based on their results.

To ensure the effectiveness of training track individual and company progress with advanced reporting on 60+ key awareness training indicators.  

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