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Outsourced IT Support for Your Business

Save time and money with our fast, reliable IT Support Services

Our clients rely on us to provide a lighting fast IT Support service, complete reliability and expert advice.

And we deliver on all three areas.

For the people in your business relying on the IT ‘just working’ to do their jobs we provide fast, reliable IT support that fixes their issues permanently and gets them back to the job they want to be doing.

For the People who own and manage the business we provide peace of mind that their IT is monitored, maintained and safe and we help them navigate the complex world of IT. We focus on your business plans and help you make the best decisions when it comes to the technology to drive your businesses forward.

The kind of problems great IT Support helps you avoid…

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What’s included in Outsourced IT Support

  • Our helpful, friendly UK based IT Support Team available to answer technical (and not so technical!) questions for every member of your staff from 7.30 in the morning, until 6.30 in the evening.
  • Quick response times for critical issues and our unique IT Support Panel – experience a 50% reduction in calls to and from the service desk as our IT support experts ‘book’ time at your convenience to make fixes.
  • Our professional team monitoring your systems in the background, preventing problems before they arise and making sure your team can work without interruption.
  • A single point of contact for every piece of technology and system in your business. We’ll call the providers on your behalf to solve any problems and will even make suggestions about when to switch providers to save money.
  • All your new equipment sourced for you – without you having to visit multiple websites and try and understand RAM, SSD’s, CPU’s and Operating Systems! Plus we install and configure it with no hidden extra charges.
  • A basic level of security included in your IT Support plan to protect you from viruses coming from the internet and email attacks. Then additional, simple to understand cyber security measures that can be introduced based on your risk levels.
  • Your own Account Manager. A named individual who will keep in contact, visit you on a regular basis and discuss your businesses needs and how technology can support you to get there.
  • Strategic planning meetings to provide you with an IT roadmap aligned to your business goals, with built in timescales and cost planning
  • A single, ‘all in’ monthly cost to ensure your IT Support cost is fixed whatever happens.

Good IT Support Means You Stop Worrying About Your IT.

Partnering with a good IT company means everyone in your organisation knowing exactly who to get in touch with if something goes wrong, or if they need something changing. And everyone knows how to contact those people the way they are most comfortable with.
For business owners and managers it’s about peace of mind. You need to know that everyone has the tools they need to do their jobs. And they are available to them every time they sit down at their desk.

It’s about making you secure. Because you know you need to be aware of protecting your data and preventing ‘cyber attacks’ but you’re not sure where to start.

And, finally, it’s about someone you can trust to advise you on all of your technology. Who understands the technology you have and wants to make sure it’s doing the most it possibly can for the business.

You'll have access to a range of expert IT Services

Cyber Security

Safeguard your business from attack with your very own Cyber Team providing 24/7 Monitoring and Instant Response & Remediation to guard against security breaches. Upskill your staff with security awareness training and fully automated simulated phishing attacks. Significantly reduce your cyber security risks with increased knowledge and resources.

Digital Transformation

Leverage the latest technology to modernise your workplace and outperform competitors. Grow your business without your technology holding you back. We have the technical expertise required to support your business with transformational projects increasing efficiency and providing numerous benefits.

IT Consultancy

Improve efficiency with expert help to get more from your existing technology . We’ll build your technology roadmap and develop strategic recommendations to help you meet your business goals and develop a modern workplace. Get expertise on a myriad of technology solutions and IT systems, with project management to deliver huge benefits and reduce costs.


Cloud based phone systems for the modern workplace. Call using Microsoft Teams to keep your communications in a single system. Every client we work with can benefit from having managed communications from the same partner that provides their managed IT support. Broadband, leased lines, Wi-Fi solutions, and mobile all from one partner means an efficient service and great prices.

Cloud Solutions

Bespoke Cloud solutions built for you that can easily scale up and down according to the needs of your business. Optimise performance, capacity and cost. Your IT are a Microsoft Silver Partner and experts in installing, configuring and managing Microsoft’s Premium cloud service – Microsoft 365.

Why Your IT Department

Your IT Department are one of the UK’s leading Managed IT support service providers. Ranked number 5 in the UK in the Channel Futures MSP501 we are a multi-award winning IT company. Your IT has been offering managed IT support to businesses for over a decade, since forming in 2009. We’re the top-ranked independent owner-managed IT Support company in the East Midlands, aswell as serving areas of Yorkshire and the West Midlands for IT Services.

Our clients benefit from complete peace of mind, working with an IT Support partner who is aligned with their business and offers visibility and accountability. We go beyond simply fixing IT to deliver expert guidance and industry best practice advice and technical support. We work alongside our clients. Each client has an IT Roadmap and knows exactly where their existing technology and services are going to be improved in the future, how much this will cost and how this aligns with their business needs and future commercial success.

Speaking of costs, our fixed price IT Support model means you have no hidden costs and can confidently ‘set and forget’ your IT budget with fixed monthly pricing. So for a first-class remote and onsite support team, top notch service management and IT Support you can trust look no further than Your IT!

Meet The Team

Behind the great companies sits a great team. And we believe we have one of the best here at Your IT Department.

Meet the fantastic individuals that deliver managed IT Support to your business along with the management that have built Your IT from a 2 man start-up to the award winning IT Support provider it is today.

Your IT Department Team

How do I choose the right IT Support service?

We’ll let you into our industries dirty little secret. Anybody can offer IT Support. Absolutely anybody, with no qualifications, and little to no experience. There is no regulatory body and no minimum qualifications. This concerns us so much we’ve written an Guide to help you make the right choice of IT Support partner and you can download the free ebook here.

How Can We Help Your Business?

No two businesses are the same. And neither is the service that works best for them. That’s why we undertake a thorough assessment with everyone of the companies that are looking to work with us. The assessment will focus on you and your business. We meet, either face-to-face, or by video call in order to find out about you. This will cover some technical elements but it’s mainly about what your business does, how it does it and how your technology helps or hinders you. To get an Assessment set up Your Account Manager will hop on a 15-minute call with you. You’ll cover some basics, set a time for the meeting and decide how it’s going to take place. Face-to-face is best but video calls work great too.


Our team of IT support professionals provide a managed Service Desk from 7.30am to 6.30pm Monday to Friday, with emergency weekend cover. Our managed service contracts include unlimited onsite IT support as well as phone support for IT issues. We undertake remote monitoring, ensuring your systems are running smoothly and fixing many potential problems before they cause you an issue. We offer best of breed support, great service and the majority of issues resolved remotely.

Most IT support services will offer you the support needed to keep your servers running and systems operating. From individual issues such as access problems to more widespread issues such as cyber security, an IT team will be able to provide support for all technical issues.

All businesses or institutes now have complex IT systems, and a large amount of technology that is fundamental to the work that they do, but who keeps it all running? An IT department of course! And the work they do is what we refer to as IT services. These IT services support clients to keep their technical systems operational. This way, your business never loses valuable time due to technical malfunctions or computer issues.

Every IT Support company will offer a different service. You should be looking for a support partner who understands your business needs and offers support services tailored to exactly what your business requires.

All IT support services will include a service desk to fix issues, answer employees queries and make changes such as adding new users etc. Some will include onsite support in case something goes wrong that cannot be fixed remotely, however many will charge for this. Managed IT support should include 24/7 monitoring of your infrastructure, basic security including software patching, antivirus and email filtering. You should also have a technical account manager who is your first point of contact and will offer you IT consultancy and strategy support.

Running a business is tricky and the last problem you need is an IT issue making things worse. Having IT services that continually and actively monitor your technology and provide support when things go wrong is essential. Your IT offers professional support for businesses with a very simple pricing structure that offers remote and on-site support that you can rely on. We offer our customers outstanding service, and a bespoke package to meet your exact needs.

In short yes! A market leading service desk gives your employees access to fast, efficient, reliable fixes to their most pressing IT problems. Most small businesses cannot afford an in-house IT Support team, with an outsourced service desk you get all the expertise you could possibly need with a much lower support cost.

A combination of remote and onsite support is the very best solution. Most issues can be fixed remotely but occasionally you may need somebody to provide support on-site.

Absolutely. We can increase the productivity of your in house resource by providing them with additional support. As your IT partner we can fill in the gaps that your in house team has with professional technical support or consultancy and strategic management advice. Where in house teams can struggle is in the breadth of technical expertise. As an IT support company that lives and breaths IT everyday we have a large number of technical staff with the knowledge and resources to deal with even the most complex issues.

An area where an external solution can achieve great success working alongside an internal IT team is helping to secure your business. An external company can deliver a number of security solutions that a company would not be able to resource when working alone.

The support partner can provide technology solutions such as monitoring of the Internet and Dark Web for compromised credentials, Advanced Protection Against Personalised Spear Phishing Attacks and AI Based Protection Against Account Takeover and Targeted Attacks. They can also provide training, increasing the first line of protection against attack – the knowledge of your people. For a fraction of the cost of employing an equivalent resource the support company can provide 24/7 Monitoring and Instant Response & Remediation.

Having a first class IT support company providing managed IT support for your business has many advantages. High quality, well maintained IT can increase productivity, improve efficiency and reduce costs in your business. Knowing your IT is well looked after means you can focus on doing what’s important in your business, allowing you to achieve your goals without worrying that technology will hold you back.

Disaster Recovery services offer solutions for worst-case scenarios. What happens if the worst possible situation happens and all your data is lost? A tailored support system includes strategy advice and plans for these situations, so you avoid the worst-case scenario. The best service offers you complete protection for all situations from cloud solutions to security solutions.