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Cyber attacks: Could You Be Next? 

Many small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) that think they’ve got cyber security under control are surprised to find themselves the victim of costly cyber attacks. But the truth is that your basic antivirus software and firewalls just aren’t enough anymore, and until you take proactive steps to protect your business from cyber crime, you could risk losing everything to an attack.  

Secure Your Business

When you’re running a small to medium-sized business, you may think that you’re not going to become a victim of a cyber attack. Maybe you think that your data and files aren’t valuable enough to be stolen—or even worse, that your current cyber security strategy is strong enough to protect them. But nothing could be further from the truth.  

 In fact, cyber criminals are becoming smarter every day, and since their methods are constantly changing, your security needs will also need to evolve. To stay safe, adopt a comprehensive cyber security solution that protects your entire organization. 

Know Your Risk

You can’t improve cyber security until you understand your vulnerabilities. Since threats are constantly evolving, you need to step up your security measures if you want to defend your data and your business. The smartest executives are teaming up with cyber security experts for dynamic security services that cover all the bases. The first step to securing your business is to evaluate your current cybersecurity risks with an in-depth security assessment. 

Many cyber security solutions focus purely on tools. However, we understand that modern cyber attacks are more complex and highly personalised. The Your Cyber Team solution provides you with your own dedicated Security Team backed up by state of the art technology.

This Human/Machine Hybrid is the way hackers work – and it’s the best way to stop them.

While machines are very smart, they are not ‘cunning’: human intervention is needed to add the element that no automated detection system can provide.

An outsourced team will monitor your systems 24/7, working alongside the technology to provide the very highest levels of protection.

Security experts undertake ‘threat hunting’ – not simply passively waiting for an attack, but seeking out the warning signs of hackers probing systems for weaknesses and heading them off before they can install malicious software or breach security controls.



Email remains the preferred method of attack for many hackers. Traditional filters guard against known threats, and you need that protection in place. However, they cannot recognise the highly personalised phishing emails that are often used in targeted attacks.

To protect your business against these threats we use an Artificial Intelligence engine which integrates seamlessly with Microsoft 365 and learns your employees unique communication patterns.

This then monitors their inbox and outbox in real-time, looking for unusual activity and identifying potential phishing emails. Potential threats are blocked before they get to the your employees inbox.  This all works in the background and without slowing anything down.

One off training is great, but the lessons are quickly forgotten, and behaviours revert back without reinforcement.

The solution is ongoing training, with lessons broken down into manageable chunks and constant testing of knowledge and practical application of the skills learnt.

Gain access to the worlds largest library of security awareness content and relax knowing your staff are receiving the best training possible, straight to their inbox. Test awareness with simulated phishing attacks, then see tailored training for each individual based on their results.

To ensure the effectiveness of training track individual and company progress with advanced reporting on 60+ key awareness training indicators.

Security for a Remote Workforce 

Mobile workers are playing a more important role in operations than ever before. While empowering your remote workforce with the right technical tools will drive productivity and success, the work-from-home (WFH) era is also introducing new security risks for small to medium-sized businesses. In addition to providing IT support for remote workers, you’ll want to defend your business from common cloud computing risks and cybersecurity threats. 

Cyber Security Risks 

Mobile Devices: Protecting and monitoring smartphones, tablets and laptops is harder in the bring-your-own-device era. Enter mobile device management enhances your device security. 

Remote Access: With employees working outside of the office, it’s important that they have secure remote access to your network.  

Identity Authentication: It’s easy for bad actors to impersonate your employees—keep the hackers out with identity authentication management.  

The Company Cloud: Storing and transmitting data in the cloud makes conducting business a breeze, but it opens up a lot of risk, too. 

Cloud-Based Apps: Collaborating in Microsoft 365 but that doesn’t mean it’s secure.  

Are All of Your Business Environments Secure? 

Given the rate at which risks evolve, you’re going to need a dynamic strategy for cyber security that accounts for mobile workers. Protecting remote workers is easier once you understand today’s top cyber threats and how they could take down your business. Secure your data and your future by partnering with a trusted MSP who will evaluate your risk and create a custom business continuity plan. 

Why Partner with a Managed Services Provider (MSP) for Security Solutions? 

Once you understand what’s a stake, it’s hard to put off cyber security any longer. When you’re ready to prioritise security, it’s time to bring in the professionals. 

 There’s never been a better time to work with top-tier security consultants who are united around one common goal: Keeping your data secure. Let industry insiders protect your business with an all-encompassing approach to cybersecurity that will help you avoid falling victim to an attack.  

Benefits of Professional Cyber security Services Include: 

Comprehensive Cyber security: Benefit from layered security solutions that protect your business from every angle and anticipate future challenges. 

Nonstop Monitoring and Support: Let security experts stand guard 24/7/365, identifying suspicious behaviour and providing around-the-clock monitoring. 

Future-Oriented Business Plans: We’ll assess your current cybersecurity risks and make sure your new strategy evolves alongside emerging threats.  

Protection for Cloud-Based Suites: Our team of security professionals can protect your Microsoft 365 apps, including SharePoint, Teams and OneDrive. 

How We Can Help

High-Level Security Assessment: Let us provide you with a detailed picture of your cyber security health and security exposure, including scanning your information on the dark web.  

Custom Cyber Security Report: Following the security assessment, we’ll create a detailed report on your vulnerability, allowing us to assess how we’ll proceed to keep you safe. 

Action Plan: We’ll work together to create an action plan that will start securing your organisation and its technology. This includes monitoring threats on all managed devices, servers and firewalls. 

Mission-Critical Security Solutions 
There’s never been a more important time to protect your business from cybercrime. To develop an all-encompassing approach to cybersecurity, begin by getting a comprehensive evaluation from your trusted managed services provider. We will provide you with a detailed report of potential security risks and an action plan to mitigate them. Let’s defend your organization from the latest threats. 

Frequently Asked Questions

In a word yes! There are a number of types of threats such as disgruntled employees, competitors, social engineering, business email compromise etc.

Most likely you’ll be swept up in a volume-based attack. To the threat actor it’s just a numbers game. They know that some people will click a link, or send money to a bogus bank account etc. So while you may not be targeted explicitly you’re very much at risk.

Small business are the victims of the majority of todays attacks (64%) and that’s because they are under-protected.

Last year that set of solutions likely gave you very solid security. But today, the majority of cyber attacks are sophisticated enough to bypass basic security precautions. What worked yesterday will not be enough to protect against todays threats. Security needs to improve both proactively and reactively to maintain the same standard you’ve come to expect.

And of course it is much more budget friendly to solve this issue before it happens, especially knowing that the average breach costs a small business £8,460.

First data is often more valuable than you realise when sold on the dark web. Would your number one competitor pay £10,000 for your business plans, acquisition plans or marketing strategy? Would someone pay for your usernames and passwords, so they can log onto your network without your knowledge? Quite possibly.

But in the case of ransomware, the criminals don’t want your data in order to sell it. IN fact they don’t want your data at all. But he knows that you value your data and you will pay to get it back if he encrypts it. So ask yourself how much is your data worth to you?

When we started providing your IT services we included best in class tools to protect against the current threats. As your trusted advisor we have an obligation to share with you what is happening in the threat landscape so you can understand the risk. We do already protect you.

The problem is that cyber crime has changed. The threat actors have improved their skills and are ow attacking in ways that aren’t covered by the tools we have in place. And while you still need the current protections, we need to discuss other protections that may be necessary to protect your data.

A lot of companies have had that same thought. What they didn’t factor in was facing angry clients, lost reputation, lost clients or the absolute chaos that happens after a breach. They also didn’t factor in losing their valuable files of having to report a breach.

These are often called the hidden costs of cyber attacks. We prefer to discuss these risks with you up front, so you can determine the level of risk you’re comfortable with.

Candidly there are a lot of IT companies who are not recommending additional security at all. But that’s just ignoring the threats around us and is a tremendous disservice to their clients.

Here at Your IT Department we’d rather be up front about the challenge facing us. we’ve worked very hard to find solutions that are budget friendly. These cost need to be considered against the cost of downtime or lost reputation due to a breach. Speaking of which, how long could you survive with no access to data and system