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Your IT Department has been helping businesses make better technology strategy decisions, resolve technology challenges and optimise their systems for over a decade. As a leading provider of IT consultancy services, we work with a variety of companies, helping them overcome their own unique challenges and achieve business growth.

Often, a consultancy service only offers the theory. However, here at Your IT Department, we design and deliver strategic projects for our clients. From office moves to network redesigns and migrations to cloud computing, we’ve delivered numerous projects on budget and always on time.

Hire An IT Expert 

Planning for the future starts with understanding where you are now and where you want to be. So why not hire an entire IT consultancy team?

Working alongside in-house staff, Your IT Department provides support and guidance for your modern business creating a plan uniquely suited to your business model.  By investing in our IT consultancy services, you have access to a wide range of additional resources from a team of qualified IT professionals.

IT Consultancy Services

IT Consultancy Services

Understanding your unique challenges

A high-quality IT consultancy service is about understanding your specific challenges, risks, and goals. We will work alongside each member of your business and consider your expansion plans, growth forecasts, interactions with clients and customers, current systems, software and your operations and processes.

We provide award winning services that are tailored to your business and provide guidance so your team can achieve genuine business success.

For a limited time, we can offer an initial IT consultancy session FREE of charge (normally £1520).

IT Spend Analysis

Sometimes, doing nothing can cost your business more long-term than simply updating to a modern solution…

We will conduct a thorough IT spending analysis to compare current spending against potential and predicted spending outcomes. 

This will demonstrate how your IT requirements may change and can have huge benefits for the future!

Solving Problems

Once we clearly understand what your business needs, and where your problems lie, we will start planning the next steps for success. 

This includes identifying solutions to your problems, as well as areas of opportunity that will provide benefits and assist with exponential growth.

Providing advice and guidance

We’ll develop tailored technology solutions and discuss these with you in detail whilst factoring in costs and available resources.

Our experienced team will go through every aspect of the project, highlighting each strategic benefit and how the solution helps you reach your development plans.

Project DElivery

Many IT consultancy firms would now recommend an external partner and let them deliver the project. However, one of the many advantages of partnering with a managed service provider is that we take control of your digital transformation and assign an expert IT consultant to your business. We also offer full project management and provide advice on new technology and software applications.

Ongoing Support and your IT Roadmap

IT is not a fix-once-and-walk-away kind of thing!That’s why our easy-to-read IT roadmaps show you exactly what it is we’re doing, and when. This gives you a simple step-by-step document that includes your IT spending, timescales, problems and solutions.

On an ongoing basis, we’ll provide strategic guidance and expert advice to help you increase productivity, deliver maximum value and help your business thrive. With consultancy services tailored to you, you will see a wide range of business benefits!

Reduce Business Risk and Make Compliance Easier

Many managed IT services include cyber security as part of a standard package. However, this is often based on what the provider wants to supply, NOT on what you need.

Our security will align with your business strategy, level of risk and compliance needs to provide the best-in-class solutions. We focus on prevention, but also on business continuity and recovery to ensure your business can return to operating as soon as possible in the event of any incident. 

Why does my business need IT Consultancy services?

As your organisation grows, so does your reliance on IT. Many businesses see two key aspects; increased end-user expectations and a lack of technical expertise to provide innovative solutions. 

For smaller companies it is not possible, cost-effective, or always necessary to have a full-time IT Director as part of the senior management team. The management team will be able to identify when expertise is required, which is the ideal time to bring in an IT consultancy.

This realisation is often brought about by a specific project such as a move to cloud services, a relocation, concerns about cyber security or a desire to future-proof the business.

Do you think your business could benefit from IT Consultancy Services & an effective IT Strategy? Get in touch for a no-obligation conversation. Book a convenient time in the calendar below!

Well versed in Small Business

The IT Consultants at Your IT Department understand the challenges faced by small business owners and their IT managers. As part of your team, we take pride in working closely with you to ensure your technology is up to date with all the latest developments. We offer the best value services that will bring you fresh and forward-thinking expertise, whilst also focusing on affordability for your small business.

Frequently asked questionsIT Consultancy Services FAQs:

We’ve done our best to try and answer some of the most common questions about IT consultancy services below:

Information technology consultants bring technical skills set to businesses. Among the deliverables a consultant can accomplish:

  • Help define the scope of your projects

  • Plan and manage the time schedule and resources

  • Define and analyse software, hardware and network requirements

  • Help purchase and implement new IT systems

  • Handle design, testing, installation and training processes

  • Advise, manage and support security systems

  • Assist with Project Management and Strategic guidance

Find out more in our guide on what are the roles and responsibilities of  a IT Consultant? & What is IT Consulting?

IT consultancies are usually generalist companies – i.e. they don’t focus on one area of commercial IT support or software development. Instead, they offer their services as a one-stop shop for network, infrastructure and solutions support or improvements.

An IT consultancy may be responsible for upgrading the hardware within your company, offer specialist installation and provide data security services.

IT consultants market themselves in various places, but all are available online via a Google search or dedicated industry resources and news outlets. Local IT companies are often a great option as they have knowledge of how other businesses in your area utilise physical infrastructure (broadband, data centres etc.).

Whoever you hire, make sure that the company has the following:

  • A good reputation and track record

  • Requisite certifications

  • A strong trading history

  • Good references, preferably from a company in your sector

Prices for IT consultancy services can vary wildly, depending on the level of support required. Some consultants will charge for initial consultancy or an assessment; others will do this for free. Usually, consultancies charge a set lump sum for installations, including parts and labour. Why not arrange a call with our IT consultants in Leicester today

IT consulting services supplement your in-house staff, they don’t replace them.  They provide expert knowledge and can help with the needs assessment, research the products and services needed to meet those needs, and help implement those products and services.  IT consulting services also provide strategy consulting, analysing business data, helping your team to understand different IT systems, planning for digital transformation, IT relocation plans, meeting business goals, security such as disaster recovery plans and much more.

The main differences are that IT services implement solutions and provide expertise to help businesses create and improve business processes. IT consulting focuses on providing strategic IT advice on how to modify or improve solutions to reach the desired goal