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IT Consultancy services

Streamline processes, improve efficiency and reduce costs with specialist IT consultancy services

Since 2009 Your IT Department have been helping businesses make better technology strategy decisions and resolve technology challenges. As a leading IT service provider offering managed services to a wide variety of businesses we have helped clients overcome some unique challenges.

Our IT consulting service helps define your business’ IT strategy. IT moves at a lightning pace and our consulting services will ensure that the right technology and the right strategy is used within your business to deliver the most effective approach to IT.

Whilst many consultancy services offer only the theory we have the ability to both design and deliver strategic projects for our clients. From office moves, to network redesigns and migrations to cloud computing we’ve delivered numerous projects on time and on budget.

Hire an IT expert 

Better still hire and entire team! Planning for the future starts with in an understanding of where you are now and where you want to be. 

Working with your in-house staff, Your IT Department provide support and guidance, identifying a plan that is suited to you.  Our IT consultancy team can ensure you have additional resources from a whole team of engineers. This ensures you receive varying depths of experience across a range of technologies. 

IT Consultancy Services

Understanding your unique challenges

We invest time in learning your specific challenges, risks, and goals. We work with your entire business and consider your expansion and growth forecasts, how you work with your clients and customers, your current systems and software, and your operations and processes. Our consultants work with you to understand all of your business objectives and determine whether your current IT systems will support your operations both now and in the future. For a limited time we can offer this initial consultancy FREE of charge (normally £1520).

IT Spend Analysis

Sometimes, doing nothing can cost more in the long-term than updating to a modern solution…
We will carry out a thorough IT spend analysis to compare current spending against potential spending and predicted outcomes. This will demonstrate exactly how investing now could mean huge benefits for the future!

Solving Problems

Once we have a clear understanding of what you need, and where you problems lie, we will start planning the next steps for your success. This includes identifying solutions to your problems, as well as areas of opportunity that will provide benefits to your business and help it to grow.

Providing advice and guidance

Taking into account costs and available resource we’ll develop a tailored solution and discuss this with you in detail. We’ll go through every aspect of the project, highlighting the strategic benefit and how the solution helps you reach your business goals.

Project management

Many IT consultancy firms would now recommend a partner and let them deliver the project. But one of the many advantages of partnering with an IT consultant who is also a service provider is that we take total control of your digital transformation. We offer full project management, expert knowledge and advice and can implement fully managed services.

Ongoing Support and your IT Roadmap

IT is not a fix once and walk away kind of thing!

That’s why we produce easy-to-read IT roadmaps that show, not just tell you, what it is we will be doing and when. This gives you a simple step-by-step document to follow that includes your IT spending, timescales, problems and solutions. This document clearly shows which direction the business is travelling in and what the end destination is.

Case Studies

Why might my business need IT Consultancy services?

As your organisation grows the reliance on IT grows with it. Many businesses see this in two key aspects; increased end user expectations and a lack of the required technical expertise that is necessary to provide innovative solutions. 

For smaller organisations it is not possible, cost effective, or always necessary to have a full-time IT Director as part of the senior management team. The management team will be able to identify when additional expertise is required and this is the ideal time to bring in a consultant.

The trigger for this may be a specific project, a relocation, concerns about security or a desire to future proof the business.

Well versed in Small Business

Your IT Department, as IT consultants, understand the challenges faced by small business owners and their IT managers. We’re part of your team and take pride in working closely with you to ensure your technology is up to date with all the latest developments. We pride ourselves on offering the best value for your budget. We bring you expertise that’s fresh and forward-thinking, with a focus on ensuring we’re affordable for your small business.


Information technology consultants bring a technical skills set that can be invaluable to the core of your business. Among the deliverables a consultant can accomplish:

  • Help define the scope of your projects
  • Plan and manage the time schedule and resources
  • Define and analyse software, hardware and network requirements
  • Help purchase and implement new systems
  • Handle design, testing, installation and training processes
  • Advise, manage and support security systems

IT consultancies are usually a generalist company – i.e. they don’t focus on one area of commercial IT support or software development. Instead, they offer their services as a one stop shop for network, infrastructure and solutions support or improvements.

If you approach an IT consultancy for help with upgrading the hardware in your company – be it standard laptops and desktops, or even high-end server replacements and migrations – they’ll usually offer a support contract alongside it.

Having said that, a number of IT consultancies prefer to offer specialist installation and support services for singular parts of an IT network, but even within these specialised fields, their expertise is usually diverse and comes with various levels of involvement.

For example, an IT consultancy company may specialise in network and data security, otherwise known as ‘cyber security consultants’. They’ll be able to analyse your current level of protection (consultancy), offer an alternative, and install, support and manage the solution (software support and maintenance).

IT consultants’ market themselves in a variety of places, but all are available online via a Google search or through dedicated industry resources and news outlets.

It’s almost always best to choose consultancy companies that are local to you, or at the very least have an office in a nearby location. They’ll have a working knowledge of local vendors and will be able to offer expertise on how other businesses in your area utilise physical infrastructure (broadband, datacentres etc.).

Another good course of action when going to market for an IT consultant is to ask local firms in your industry who they’ve used and what to look out for. Nothing beats first-hand experience and it’ll also give you some context as to what they can offer you in terms of sector-specific methods of working.

Whoever you hire, make sure that the company has:

  • A good reputation and track record
  • Requisite certifications
  • A strong trading history
  • Good references, preferably from a company in your sector

Prices for IT consultancy services can vary wildly, depending on the level of support required, and whether or not there is a need to purchase additional hardware, or replace a current system. Some consultants will charge for initial consultancy or an assessment, others will do this for free. Usually, consultancies charge a set lump sum for installations including parts and labour. Additional support fees are normally billed for monthly under a document called an ‘SLA’ (service level agreement).

Licensing also needs to be considered, and with the global shift to cloud-based subscription services, forms an important part of any IT contract. When purchasing access to software either from or via an IT consultancy, businesses should seek assurance on where ownership of the license resides both at any given time throughout the contract, and at the end of an agreement that isn’t going to be renewed.

Similarly, physical IT assets can either be leased, rented or bought from an IT consultant (although leasing almost always goes via a 3rd party). Be sure to understand whether, as a business, you own any of the kit involved in a new project.

IT consulting services are there to supplement your in-house staff, not replace them.  They provide expert knowledge and can help with the needs assessment, do the research on the products and services needs to meet those needs, and to help with the implementation of those products and services.  IT consulting services also provide strategy consulting, analysing business data, helping your team to understand different it systems, plan for digital transformation, IT relocation plan, meeting business goals, security such as disaster recovery plans and much more.