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Lee Hewson

Managing Director

Co-founder of Your IT, responsible for keeping an overview on what's going on and coming up with new ideas to drive the business forward. Also keeps an eye on the money (phew!). Somehow finds time to jet off to far flung places to 'learn' with his 'peer group'. Because going drinking with his buddies can't be claimed as a business expense.

Simon Cox

Director of Service Delivery

Co-founder of the company and responsible for making things work! Races Adam to be first in the office every morning and battles everyone to be last to leave. Responsible for project delivery and all things technical. Likely to be found randomly rebuilding someone's server of a weekend, he lets off steam by shooting inanimate objects.

Craig Pearson

Director of Sales & Marketing

Craig makes us look good online and offline and brings in lovely new clients for us to look after, whilst also keeping an eye on our account management process. Goes to lots of networking events mainly those that involve food and/or drink. Does weird diets, plays golf badly and walks Rick his rescue Greyhound. Also 'collects' Single Malt Whiskey.

Sam Hewson

Office Manager & Head of Staff Development

Sams previous experience working with children has stood her in very good stead for looking after this lot! Sam might be responsible for finance and the smooth running of the office but looking after our people is her main job. The Your IT Mum she's done so much to develop HR & training in the business.

Angus Unwin-Rose

Senior Business Advisor

The first person that most of our customers speak to and meet, Angus works with customers new and old to ensure they are getting everything they can from their relationship with Your IT. Angus is multi-lingual, often interpreting 'IT geek' into something the rest of us can understand.

Alice Taylor

Sales & Marketing Coordinator

Alice joined in December 2022 on a Graduate Apprenticeship scheme. She's fitted in really well and can certainly hold her own with all the boys in the office. Her role is multi-faceted, she's involved in bringing in new clients and helping to look after existing ones. The hardest bit of her job? Keeping Angus on track!!

Charley Clarke

Service Delivery Manager

Charley has overall responsibility for service delivery and making sure everything is running smoothly. Cool under pressure and a consummate professional are just two of the ways we'd like to be able to describe him. He certainly has a way with words and his own unique style but he gets the job done and we kinda love him!!

Danni Wardle

Service Desk Co-ordinator

Danni is our Service Desk Coordinator and is in charge of keeping all the service desk engineers in line. Danni spent 11 years working in the NHS, before swapping it all for the glamour of IT and telling Charley it's his turn to make the tea. Outside work Danni is quite outdoorsie, enjoying hockey, rock climbing and long country walks with her dog. She also enjoys relegation battles as she is yet another Forest fan.

Emma Graham

Project Co-ordinator

Emma joined Your IT in February 2022 as our very first Service Desk Co-ordinator. Now in 2024, Emma is our first Project Co-Ordinator making sure all of our many IT projects go as smoothly as possible whilst keeping the guys in check.

Fern Ritchie

Microsoft 365 Systems and Cyber Security Engineer

Owner of the longest job title in history it still only describes a fraction of what Fern does. Can be shortened to 'Expert in Everything' or 'Know it All'. Only joined us in 2020 and has packed more personal development into 3 years than most do into a lifetime.

Dave Munton

Senior Technical Engineer

Dave can be found undertaking Technical Business Reviews and making sure our clients have the very best solutions to meet their needs. One of our most experienced engineers and very popular with customers and the rest of our team. Dave always has a smile on his face and is willing to lend anyone a hand and the benefit of his knowledge.

Kieran Starbuck

Technical Engineer

Kieran has shown fantastic progress since joining the business and is now developing his skills on site as a Technical Engineer. Popular with customers and colleagues alike he is the Your IT Gym Bunny - making the the rest of the males in the office look either puny or obese. Thanks Kieran.

Nathan Harris

Senior Technical Engineer

Our newest Senior Technical Engineer Nathan joined Your IT in February 2023. He's worked his way through the ranks in IT since starting as an Apprentice aged 17. He's worked on 1st, 2nd and 3rd line and has joined Your IT to reduce the average age and massively increase the amount of hair on the projects team, whilst also being one of the prime proactive technical resources for our clients. In his spare time Nathan is a car and gaming enthusiast.

Adam Hughes

Service Desk Engineer & Team Leader

So laid back he's almost horizontal, Adam brings the zen to the service desk team. A really skilled and knowledgeable engineer he's a stickler for keeping documentation up to date. Clients love the customer service and the 'nothing is too much trouble' attitude whilst colleagues find Adam always on hand to help others, especially newer members of the Team.

Narayan Dosanjh

Security & Compliance Engineer

Narayan is the consummate professional - unflustered and calm under pressure, the perfect traits for a security engineer. He acts that way because Fern tells him to and he is very, very scared of her. In his spare time he plays football, and has an active social life. We don't believe this and are fairly sure he just sits in his bedroom.

Gareth Smith

Service Desk Engineer & Team Leader

Gareth joined our team in 2022. He's a family man, proud father of countless children and between that and studying for his cyber security / AI degree, there isn't much time for anything else (his words not ours). At least we think those were his words we struggle to understand him to be honest.

Sunil Kumar

Service Desk Engineer

Sunil is a team player, always happy to give the rest of the team a helping hand and happy to share his knowledge. When he's not helping our clients he's most likely at the cricket!

James Atherton

Service Desk Engineer

James came through the Apprenticeship scheme following in the footsteps of Fern, Kieran and Co. We've never had an apprentice who settled in so quickly on the service desk, naturally good at customer service and with a fair bit of technical skill too. Looks like Ed Sheeran if you squint a bit.

Fabian Booth

Service Desk Engineer

Fabian joined the Your IT Service Desk team in February 2022. A real asset to the Service Desk team and a prolific problem solver with a cheeky sense of humour . Fabian is Football mad, a foodie and loves to travel, especially from Northampton to Leicester for a cricket match with no idea how to get home.

Leon Clarke

Apprentice Service Desk Engineer

Leon joined us in July 2023 and is the latest in an illustrious line of Apprentices here at Your IT. Coming from a military background, and a keen amateur boxer Leon really shouldn't be the butt of all the jokes in the office. But he is!!

Deepaseem Gurung

Service Desk Engineer

Deepsy joined the Team in November 2023 having lived and worked in Japan for the previous 18 months. He must have taken some sort of youth serum because he's actually almost 30 despite looking like a teenage boyband member!

Tom Jackson

Service Desk Engineer

Tom studied IT at college and then through an Apprenticeship before joining Your IT in November 2023. He's a gamer, loves his virtual reality and 3d printing/modeling. So a pretty cliched IT geek really but certainly one of the nicest people you could ever meet!!