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Lee Hewson

Managing Director

Co-founder of Your IT, responsible for keeping an overview on what's going on and coming up with new ideas to drive the business forward. Also keeps an eye on the money (phew!). A speed freak he unfortunately drives a Volvo so in his very limited spare time he races remote controlled cars.

Simon Cox

Director of Service Delivery

Co-founder of the company and responsible for making things work! All things technical fall into Simon's remit both internally and externally. Lets off steam by shooting inanimate objects.

Craig Pearson

Director of Sales & Marketing

Craig makes us look good online and offline and brings in lovely new clients for us to look after, whilst also manging the Account Managers. Goes to lots of networking events mainly those that involve food and/or drink. Does weird diets, plays golf badly and walks Rick his rescue Greyhound. Also 'collects' Single Malt Whiskey.

Sam Hewson

Office Manager

Sams previous experience working with children has stood her in very good stead for looking after this lot! Sam takes responsibility for HR and Finance, including purchasing, alongside the smooth running of the office.

Angus Unwin-Rose

Account Manager

The first person that most of our customers speak to and meet, Angus works with customers new and old to ensure they are getting everything they can from their relationship with Your IT. Angus is multi-lingual, often interpreting 'IT geek' into something the rest of us can understand.

Jack Bland

Digital Marketing Assistant

Jack joined the Marketing Department here at Your IT in February 2021. Having run his own wedding photography business he's going to be charged with making us ALL look good in photo's. No easy task in some cases!

Charley Clarke

Service Delivery Manager

Charley is responsible for keeping the service desk running smoothly, allocating tickets to the other engineers and making sure everything gets done. His favourite words are SLA and KPI! A Forest season ticket holder but too young to remember when they were good.

Emma Graham

Service Desk Co-ordinator

Emma joined Your IT in February 2022 as our very first Service Desk Coordinator. Charley thinks she is his 'PA' and she certainly does all the work that Charley should be doing! In all seriousness she provides the organisation a busy service desk needs and makes sure customers know exactly what's happening with their tickets.

Adam Hughes

Service Desk Engineer / Tier 2 Team Leader

So laid back he's almost horizontal, Adam brings the zen to the service desk team. Popular with clients, Adam is a consistent team member who's always on hand to help junior colleagues.

Harman Sodhi

Support Technician

Harman joined Your IT as a second line engineer early in 2022. She has a Bachelors in Computer Science so is a bit of a clever so and so!! She loves working with our clients, which she says keeps her 'engaged and excited'. Outside of work Harman is a nature lover and likes spending time outdoors enjoying the beauty the natural world has to offer.

Narayan Dosanjh

Service Desk Engineer

Narayan is a leading ticket closer, always towards the top of the performance charts. Another former apprentice he continues to develop really well and is one of the bigger personalities in the office - he honestly never shuts up!

Fern Ritchie

Service Desk Engineer / Tier 1 Team Leader

Fern joined the business in 2020 and has the distinction of being our first female on the Service Desk. Despite IT being a career change Fern has hit the ground running, smashing KPI's and proving a hit with our clients.

Dave Munton

Project/Field Engineer

Our main man for onboarding new clients, Dave also gets involved with meatier projects, and will always lend a hand on the service desk when he's got a few minutes. Dave always has a smile on his face and is a popular figure around the office.

Kieran Starbuck

Project/Field Engineer

Kieran has shown fantastic progress since joining the business and is now developing his skills on site as an Apprentice Project/Field Engineer. Popular with customers and colleagues alike he is also our resident Table Tennis champion - challengers welcome!

Fabian Booth

Service Desk Engineeer

Fabian joined the Your IT Service Desk team in February 2022 making sure to look after all of our clients. Fabian is Football mad, a foodie and loves to travel, what a Jetsetter!

Matthew Holmes

Service Desk Engineer

Matthew joined the Your IT family in March 2022. Adventure is his middle name and his dog is his trusty sidekick! When he's not out on an adventure with his family, you'll find him completing virtual one's whilst gaming.

Gareth Smith

Service Desk Engineer

Gareth joined our team in 2022. He's a family man, proud father of 5 and between that and studying for his cyber security degree, there isn't much time for anything else (his words not ours).

Sunil Kumar

Service Desk Engineer

Sunil is a team player, always happy to give the rest of the team a helping hand and happy to share his knowledge. When he's not helping our clients he's most likely at the cricket!