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Your Account Manager

You may have experienced Account Managers before. The kind that are happy to take your call when you want a quote, but not so much when you’re looking for a bit of advice or help.

The type that only books a ‘Review Meeting’ when they’ve got a new product to push. Who’s a bit more ‘2nd hand Car Salesman’ than ‘Trusted Advisor’.

You want an Account Manager who looks after you, knows what they are talking about and adds a bit of value when they talk to you. They make themselves available, call you back when they say they will and actually take an interest in your business.

In short, someone who’ll make your life a little easier.

We ask our Account Managers to;

Agree a schedule for reviews that you’re comfortable with. This might be face-to-face every quarter, or once a year by phone. It’s your review, you decide.

Make every Review meaningful. We don’t have sales meetings. A review is about talking through your current issues, goals and ambitions so we can make recommendations as to how technology might help.

Ensure you know what’s happening with your ‘stuff.’ You need to be aware when things are going to need replacing so you can budget. You should also know what external things are happening in the IT world that affect you. It’s our job to explain all of that to you in language that makes sense.

Keep your IT Roadmap up-to-date. If you’re going to get anywhere, you need to know where you are heading. This rings true with your IT so you need a meaningful document, that shows clearly where you are and where you’re heading.

Ensure you’re fully aware of any risks. Security is a big part of IT. If we recommend something you need to know exactly what could happen if you don’t implement it. We might even ask you to sign something to acknowledge we’ve let you know the risks.

Keep in contact with you regularly. There are lots of ways to communicate and your Account Manager will use them to check in with you, or just to let you know what we’re up to. Get used to video emails!

Be responsive. Nothing is more frustrating than someone not getting back to you. Your Account Manager has SLA’s like your Service Desk.

Finding out how we can help

Account Managers chopping and changing so you can’t build up a relationship is another bug bear. So, we guarantee the person conducting your initial 15-minute call will be the one carrying out your IT assessment, should you wish to go ahead with it. And if you subsequently decide to work with us, they will be your Account Manager until you leave or they do!!

Drop us a call on 0115 8220 200 or fill in our contact form.