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How does IT Support Work

Excellent technical support means you can stress less about your IT.

IT Technical Support In Larger Organisations

If you’ve ever worked in a big organisation you’ll have had an IT department. If you were having any kind of problem with your IT you’d call them and they’d sort it out. You might be having trouble sending or receiving emails, problems printing or you might have forgotten a password. 

There was a department dedicated to providing support and sorting those issues out. They normally did it over the phone but occasionally they’d come to your desk and sort whatever problem you had.

How Does IT Support Work? Excellent technical support means you can stress less about your IT.

IT Technical Support In Smaller Organisations

In smaller organisations having a dedicated in-house resource isn’t practical. There just isn’t the amount of work to justify the cost and the average salary for IT technical support jobs can be high.

In those circumstances outsourced technical support is the answer to look after the company computer systems. Outsourced IT Support, often called Managed IT Support, is basically an inhouse IT support department shared across multiple organisations. With outsourced IT support companies get access to a wider range of skills and knowledge, from individuals with IT related qualification, than they could if they tried to develop an IT job role inhouse.

Typically Managed IT Support Provides

Service Desk

Have an issue with your computer, printer, internet connection or anything else to do with your computer systems and networks. A helpful, friendly support technician is available to answer technical (and not so technical!) questions and provide technical support during normal working hours. In addition to fixing issues the service desk will also deal with things like setting up new users, installing and configuring computer hardware and software updates and dealing with third party providers such as broadband or software companies.


Most problems with business information technology can be solved remotely but occasionally technical issues need a support person to go onsite. Generally this would be more complex problems with hardware or networks where physical access to the hardware and additional skills are needed for the job.

This should be included in the agreements and not subject to additional charges.

IT Buying Service

Save time and have your new equipment sourced for you – without having to visit multiple websites and try and understand RAM, SSD’s, CPU’s and Operating Systems! At Your IT Department we will configure computer systems when you buy from us too.

Cyber Security

There should be basic level of security services included in your plan. Basic security should include antivirus and email filtering services . It is a very specialist area dealing with cyber security and providers may have a separate team with additional skills doing the job of looking after your security. This may vary depending on the size of the provider.

Dedicated Account

Your own named individual who will keep in contact, visit you regularly in face-to-face visits, and discuss your unique business needs. They will also discuss how technology can be used to achieve your goals!

One fixed bill covering all your computer systems

A single, ‘all-in’ monthly cost to ensure your IT is fixed, regardless of what might go wrong with it.

 Do You Think It Support Could Help Your Organisation?

We can take care of all of those support jobs that you don’t want to from just £350 a month. Wherever you are based in the UK we can provide technical support to businesses of any size. If you’d like to learn more about how Your IT Department can help your business get in touch with us today.

How can IT Support Benefit your Business?

As a business owner, you always look for ways to improve efficiency and cut costs.
IT support can help you do both. Here’s how:

1. Save Time and Money on IT Problems

When something goes wrong with your company’s computer system, fixing it can take a lot of time and money. With Managed IT Support in place you get help solving problems quickly and efficiently for a fixed monthly fee. Customers also benefit as their hardware software are maintained, meaning companies with IT support suffer fewer technical problems.

2. Get More from your Existing Technology

If you’re not using all the features of your current hardware software, you’re not getting the most from your investment. IT support can help you better use what you have to get more value for your money. Our experts have in-depth knowledge of IT systems and can provide ongoing training to improve your skills and help your business make the most of an investment.

3. Stay up-to-date with the Latest Technology

Technology is constantly changing, and it can be hard to keep up. With IT support, you can get help keeping your existing systems up-to-date and take advantage of new computer equipment and capabilities as they become available.

4. Protect your Data and Operating Systems

Data security is a big concern for businesses of all sizes. Especially those with more complex technical environments. Technical support managers can help protect your data and computer systems from threats like viruses, malware, and hackers. A maintenance engineer can check for any issues via remote monitoring.

5. Improve Employee Productivity

Employees can work more efficiently when they have access to the software, tools and information they need. An IT support professional can help you improve productivity by providing employees with the skills and resources they need to be successful. As well as playing the support role your provider will be able to advise you on new technology and software that can improve efficiency and productivity, even in large companies.

6. Reduce Downtime

If your computer systems, software and networks go down, it can cost you time and money. An IT support specialist can reduce the downtime of your computer networks by providing rapid problem resolutions. Fixing information technology quickly and making sure the business can provide its services to it’s customers is paramount.

7. Control your costs

With a fixed monthly cost for your support and an IT Roadmap telling you when your equipment needs replacing you are in complete control of your costs, even when you have extensive technical infrastructure. Whatever technical problems you are experiencing your provider will have an IT industry professional on hand to support you.

Find out how we can help:

Getting the kind of help you need starts with an initial call with Your IT Department. In this call we’ll find out what technology you have. We’ll discuss your current IT issues and talk about what you need from your technology. There is no obligation to move to a full IT Assessment for your business, following this call. And no obligation to buy anything, ever.