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Case Study – Meller Limited

About Mellor

Meller LTD design, project management, cost management and delivery of large commercial building projects. With clients including Heineken, Heinz, the NHS and North Notts College Meller have been involved in the delivery of some high-profile projects including work on the Queens Medical Centre Nottingham.

What was going wrong….

In short the IT needed a refresh. Computers seemed to run slowly with people sat waiting for screens to refresh and load. Things ‘glitched’ regularly and staff were getting frustrated.

Meller use a piece of software called ‘Workspace’ which is critical to their business. Workspace was being updated and the new version simply wouldn’t run on the equipment that they had.

Whilst undertaking this vital update to their technology we also identified that the business was using old versions of Microsoft Office which would soon go ‘end-of-life’. This presented a possible security problem in the near future. This was a good opportunity to move to Microsoft 365 and take advantage of the added features. This would improve collaboration (especially with remote working) and help individuals be more productive.

What we did…..

We installed new servers running the latest software, which allowed us to install the latest version of Workspace with all the newest features.

The companies email was moved from the old system into Microsoft 365. 365 was installed for everyone in the business. We then showed people how to fully utilise all of their new software, especially Microsoft Teams.

How this has helped…..

Meller can now use the very latest version of Workspace. Their new servers have ‘future proofed’ the business for further updates for a number of years. The new systems are smoother, faster and experience vastly reduced problems – this has increased productivity and staff are happier.

Moving to Microsoft 365 has given Meller new tools and improved security. Teams is now being used as the main communication and collaboration tool. Remote working has been simplified and

What Mellor thought…..

“Your IT have provided IT support to Meller for over 10 years, and we trust their knowledge and advice. So, when we needed to upgrade our main project management system this required a well-managed plan to provide a new server install, prior to the software upgrade. The new server, software upgrades and data transfers were carried out successfully during the COVID-19 lockdown period with minimal downtime to the business. The new server and software had an immediate positive impact to the way we communicate both internally and externally with clients. Your IT successfully supported Meller through this major IT upgrade.”

Colin Cox – Managing Director – Meller Limited