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Case Study – AM Norris Mobile Sims

About AM Norris

Based in Leicestershire AM Norris are one of the Midlands leading plumbing and heating companies and pride themselves on high levels of service and attention to detail. They currently work in the new-build, domestic and light-commercial sectors of the industry and specialise in renewable energy installations.

What Was Going Wrong?

The company had a number of SIM only contracts, but these were unmanaged. Nobody had a real handle on who had which SIM. Administration was a nightmare each month with separate bills. Each contract was for a minimum period of 12 months, meaning if staff left the business continued paying for the remainder of the contract. Some uses were going over data allowances and incurring significant additional charges.

What We Did…..

We took over management of the SIMS, putting everyone on 30-day rolling contracts with 1GB of data. We provided an additional fixed pool of data which could be used any user. A single monthly bill from a single source was provided and AM Norris knew that any issues would be dealt with by the same team that looked after their IT.

How This Has Helped…..

Administrative time has been cut down significantly. The Senior Management Team have been able to request further information on individuals mobile useage and get exactly the information they required on each bill. The data pool has ensured that nobody has gone over the data allowance, eradicating these charges. The shared data pool has also meant that bills for low data users have been lowered.

What AM Norris Thought…..

“We were delighted that Your IT were able to offer us such competitive pricing for our mobile sims, but it was the ‘extras’ that really swung it for us!

Having our technology partner manage the solution has not only made things easier from an administrative point of view it is also saving us money with nobody now going over data allowances due to the data pool.”

Sally Marsden, Purchasing Manager