IT Support for Business Owners

We Take Care Of Your Technology. You Take Care of Your Business.

You’ve decided the time is right to explore your options for IT support. This may be the first time you’ve looked at external support for your computers, or you may have an existing provider and want to see what else is on offer.

There are literally hundreds of companies providing IT support, so what should you be looking for?

For complete peace of mind you want a provider who will look after the day-to-day management of your information technology, caring for all of your computers and equipment.

A Google Review for our IT Support for Business Owners Service. "Our firm have been with Your IT for a few years for support now and I've been very impressed with their service. They often go above and beyond and they have shone during the pandemic, which must have been a very testing time for them."

They’ll actually prevent your computers from breaking down, giving your employees uninterrupted access to the tools they need to do their jobs.

And they’ll be a real partner to your business, helping to identify how IT can be used to best achieve your overall goals.

The kind of problems great IT Support for business owners helps you avoid…

  • Slow computers or an unreliable network.
  • Constant ‘niggly’ IT problems that slow down productivity and frustrate staff.
  • IT Support that takes ages to get back to you, and never seems to get to the bottom of the issue.
  • Fixing your own IT problems instead of getting on with the day job.
  • Aging equipment with no clear idea when it might need replacing.
  • No IT plan or strategy.
  • Knowing you need to do something about cyber security, but not knowing what.

How we work………

We have a 4 Stage Process


During our initial meeting with you we’ll seek to understand your business and your biggest immediate concerns.


Moving IT support providers might seem daunting but our onboarding process has been designed to make it seamless. If you’ve not had support before it’s even easier! And we provide a zero downtime guarantee.


Our support staff are broken down into small teams with responsibility for a group of clients. This means they get to know you, your team, and your systems intimately. They are based locally, in our East Midlands office and provide support by phone, email, and service portal 11 hours a day. On the rare occasion things can’t be fixed remotely we have field engineers ready to rush to your site.

Another Google Review for our IT support for Business Owners service. "I find the Professionalism and the knowledge of the Support team to be 10 out of 10. Thank You.


We’ll work together with you to ensure you’re getting the most from us and from your technology. We’ll make recommendations as to what could be improved and ensure you know exactly what will need replacing and when. Whenever you have a decision to make about the technology in your business you’ll have expert advice from people who understand what you want to achieve.

Finding out how we can help

We like to organise an initial 15-minute video call. In this call we’ll find out what technology you have, discuss your current IT issues and talk about what you need from your technology. There is no obligation to move to a full IT Assessment following this call, and no obligation to buy anything, ever.


    15-minute response time


    Low Risk & Complete Flexibility


    An Extension of Your Business