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Locking Up Cyber Security with a Managed Service Provider

Cyber crime isn’t the most costly of illegal activities. That dubious distinction goes to government corruption, closely followed by drug trafficking. Cyber crime comes in third. However, cyber crime does take the top spot when it comes to numbers of victims. A managed service provider can help with cyber security.

Cyber crime has hundreds of millions of victims. Two-thirds of people online have experienced personal information theft or compromise. A 2018 McAfee Security study suggested that represents more than 2 billion individuals!

If any of those people works at your business, it could mean trouble for your security, too. Why? People tend to think they have too many passwords to remember. So, they use the same login information again and again. That means a criminal could leverage stolen personal data to access business systems, too.

Cyber crime is a global problem for both individuals and businesses. The bad actors, after all, can make big money from their crime with low risk of discovery. The global cost of cyber crime is an estimated $600 billion a year. And no business is immune.

As internet use increases an businesses become more reliant on digital transactions, cyber criminals are quickly adapting. They’re motivated, but are you?

Cyber Security With A Managed Service Provider

Cuber Security with a Managed Service Provider

Everyone at your office is working hard, but is cyber security getting the attention it deserves? Ultimately, there is no better way to keep your systems secure than with managed services.

A managed services provider (MSP) helps your business stay ahead of security threats. Finding out about risks or vulnerabilities after the fact is no good. That’s like closing the barn door after the horse has already bolted.

An in-house cyber security team providing 24/7 protection isn’t workable for most businesses. It’s cost prohibitive for most small and mid-sized businesses.

Cyber Security with a Managed Service Provider is a much more affordable alternative. You avoid investing in the latest technology and building up an on-premises infrastructure. Instead, you pay a consistent fee for the MSP to handle technology patching, monitoring, and assessments.

The MSP uses well-tested, leading-edge tech to stay on top of cybersecurity threats. This strategic partner can:

  • set up security on your infrastructure;
  • oversee your company’s security systems;
  • ensure regulatory compliance;
  • track threats 24/7;
  • maintain strong data protection.

It’s not enough to have an Antivirus program. An MSP focuses on continuous monitoring and keeps up to date on the global threat landscape and any industry vulnerabilities.

Still Not Convinced?

Still not convinced that paying an MSP is worth it? The average cost of a lost or stolen record was £112 per record in 2018. You might view working with an MSP as paying for insurance. With ongoing monitoring an MSP helps your business avoid security breaches. There are hidden costs to a breach too. These include reduced productivity, compliance problems and damage to brand reputation.

An MSP’s day-to-day focus is on reducing risk and minimising damage from cyber threats. With an MSP you add dedicated security experts to your team. Secure your technology while gaining advanced threat intelligence and customised security strategies.

A managed services provider identifies vulnerabilities and secures your business environment. Stay ahead of cyber security threats with an MSP.

How We Can Help

At Your IT Department our Managed Support contracts include our standard security package completely free of charge. With a good level of basic security in place advanced security options can be tailored to your needs. Call us on 0115 8220200.

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