Security Essentials

Security is at the heart of modern IT support and that is why we include our ‘Security Essentials’ package with every IT support contract.

IT Security requires a multi-layered approach. Firstly, Security Essentials puts in place the minimum, basic level of security that no business should operate without.

But it doesn’t stop there. We’ve also added Advanced Threat Protection to provide a further security layer. This takes our clients beyond the basics in their cyber security journey.


We utilise Heimdal Thor Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus software. Heimdal offers some of the most advanced malware detection abilities of any product on the market.

For full details of the Heimdal Thor Next-Gen Endpoint Antivirus AV solution please our Anti-Virus page.

Email Filtering

91% of cyber attacks start with an email. We utilise Barracuda Essentials to keep your email, users and data safe.

Barracuda Essentials - part of the Your IT Security Essentials package

Inbound filtering prevents Spam and Malware from reaching your inbox. Outbound filtering protects outbound email and stops data leaks. Barracuda data loss protection keeps sensitive data such as credit card details from leaving the organisation.

Advanced Threat Protection

Advanced threats, such as Zero-Day Attacks, are designed to evade normal email filtering. However, Security Essentials uses Barracuda Advanced Threat Protection.

This cloud based service defends against ransomware and malware including zero-day attacks and other advanced threats giving you ultimate protection.

Keeping You Secure with Security Essentials

We include Security Essentials with our Fully Managed IT Support Contracts. It is the first building block of the bespoke, multi-layered security solution we build for each client.

We are also able to offer Security Essentials as a standalone service.

To get you and your business started on your cyber security journey please contact us for further information or a Free Cyber Security Assessment.

Find out if your business would benefit from an assessment with our eBook ‘Does Your Business Need A Cyber Security Assessment

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