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11 Reasons To Upgrade To Office 365 Today

As of April 21, 2020, the official branding of Microsoft’s productivity suite has changed from Office 365 to just Microsoft 365. The new naming convention reflects Microsoft’s strategy of providing a single complete productivity platform for its customers.

Fortunately the change from Office 365 to Microsoft 365 is not going to have much of an immediate practical impact. In general, the subscription you had on April 20 is the same as the subscription you had on April 21, only with a different name.

With Office 365, it seems common sense has finally prevailed, giving business everything they could possibly need. It’s still Microsoft Office, and your staff will still know exactly how to work it, but they’ll get so much more done.

If you’re not already using office 365 then why not?! Here’s 11 reasons to upgrade to office 365 today.

1. The whole Mac/Windows drama is over

Office 365 brings with it a stack of benefits, but perhaps the most relieving is the in-built file compatibility across all platforms. No more converting (or corrupting) files back and forth, productivity black holes have essentially been eliminated.

2. It’s always ready to go

Microsoft is so confident in their cloud-based software and data storage; they’re giving a 99.9% uptime guarantee. You can even call a real life human for support.

Work online, offline or mobile – the choice is yours.

3. Security is built in

A large part of Microsoft’s up time comes from their extremely robust security protocols. Upgrade to Office 365 and you’ll get enterprise-grade admin controls at your end, as well as government-grade security at their end.

4. Generous data allowances

When you upgrade to office 365 each user gets 1TB of cloud space for file storage, which can be shared at folder or file level.

5. Work anywhere, anytime

Upgrade to Office 365 and you and your staff can work from anywhere at anytime

Previously, staff needed to establish a VPN or manage security concerns which made working off-site difficult and cumbersome. Office 365 has solved that problem and working from anywhere is now easy.

6. Integrated organisation

Calendar, email and contacts are all synced and updated across multiple devices. Each user can install office on up to 5 devices including laptops, desktops & mobiles.

7. No upfront costs

Back in the day, updating your Office version meant paying a small fortune and half a day downtime. Office 365 changes that. Upgrade to Office 365 with no upfront cost and minimal disruption and downtime.

8. Mailbox storage through the roof

Forget the days of ‘user mailbox is full’ – each user is given a whopping 50GB in a gorgeous, easy-to-use mailbox.

9. Built in malware and spam protection

Data security doesn’t stop at file storage: email is scanned for malware and spam, protecting your organisation from all manner of attacks before they happen.

10. Collaboration tools and virtual meeting

A Microsoft Teams online meeting. One of the reasons to upgrade to Office 365 today

When you upgrade to Office 365 you can cancel your 3rd party services and bring all your collaborations into the one platform. Teams, included in your Office 365 subscription, is the ultimate collaborative tool and the key to low-cost video conferencing.

Collaboration is fundamental to how we work today and it’s easy to get started when you upgrade to Office 365.

11. Integrated Team planning

Schedule tasks, meetings and track allocations from a top-down level to know exactly how projects are progressing.

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