Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Remote Monitoring and Maintenance is a major component of proactive IT Support.

RMM (remote monitoring and management) is a software that allows the monitoring of devices, networks, and endpoints remotely and proactively. Like most IT systems, RMM tools are basically automation engines that can reproduce processes and solve cause and effect situations.

A bonus of RMM software is that it can monitor devices and detect issues proactively. RMM will then create a ticket for the issue, allowing engineers to address it before the issue even comes to the client’s attention.

Our RMM solution

We utilise industry leading RMM and automation software from Connectwise.

Using Connectwise Automate we are able to:

Automate Any IT Process or Task

We can determine a potential incident before our clients feel any pain, fixing potential problems in advance so as to avoid any downtime.

Work on Multiple Machines at Once

To solve complex issues engineers need to be able to work on all the machines that make up a system.

Solve Issues without interrupting clients

One of our biggest challenges is fixing issues without impacting our clients’ ability to work. With the wrong tools in place, the solution can be nearly as disruptive as the issue it’s meant to fix. We are able to connect behind the scenes, troubleshoot and remediate the problem without impacting the client’s ability to work.

Integrate Data Smoothly into our PSA Tool

A Professional Services Automation (PSA) tools is the central repository where we keep information about our clients. Two-way integration between the RMM and PSA solutions eliminates bottlenecks and allows data to flow smoothly between the tools. This integration enables us to respond more quickly to client needs as well as capture and store historical information that leads to easier root cause analysis.

Manage Everything from One Control Centre

The control centre for the RMM solution is the cockpit for our service delivery. We have the ability to manage aspects that are directly related to service delivery such as backup and antivirus from a single control centre. This keeps our technicians working within a familiar environment and speeds service delivery.

The Advantages of RMM and Automation for our clients

Automation allows us to deliver the best possible reactive and proactive response times.

Patch management is traditionally time consuming for the MSP and disruptive for the client. However, it is essential for protecting systems against known attacks. Using automation, we can patch multiple machines simultaneously and ensure that patching and necessary reboots take place at the most convenient time for the client. This reduces disruption without compromising security.

Automated network scans deliver the most current record of supported systems and devices. This is useful for inventory and device management purposes.

Infrastructure running at capacity can cause issues, this is often the case with hard drives. The system alerts us before a drive becomes full. This allows us to add more space before systems start to slow or to advise that files need to be archived or deleted to free up space. This is an example of how remote monitoring spots potential problems before they become an issue and disrupt the business.

We can set up monitoring that automatically resolves common service issues like failed critical services. This keeps our clients’ IT systems up and running.


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