Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

Remote Monitoring and maintenance is the ‘witchcraft’ of managed IT support! It’s the bit that goes on in the background, the bit you don’t see. But it’s absolutely vital to the smooth running of your systems.

The main advantage to you is that this work prevents problems from ever happening – which means you and your team can work without interruption.

We’ll let you into a secret of our industry here. Once you’re on support we don’t want you to call us!

The more we can prevent problems happening the less work we have to do remedying those problems. When it comes to IT prevention is much, much better than cure!

It also allows us to use our resources to work with you to ensure you’re getting the most possible from your systems and to suggest improvements. This means that you consistently move forward, constantly get that bit more efficient and, ultimately, more profitable.

How Does This All Work

We have a Remote Monitoring and Maintenance or RMM (because we love an acronym in IT!) tool and staff dedicated to keeping an eye on it and what it tells us.

It looks like this:

It’s a bit like the diagnostic tool they plug into your car when you take it to the garage. But it’s running all the time. And it includes automation. So, if the tool spots a common issue like a failed service, it automatically resolves that issue. You continue to work completely uninterrupted; and we get an alert telling us that it happened so we can look at the cause and fix whatever the underlying problem might be. Permanently.

There are a number of other clever things the tool can do, which just make your stuff work better.

Disc space monitoring – one of the two most common causes of computer and server slow down is drives becoming full. The tool tells us when drives close to capacity so we tackle it with you before it starts to slow your business down.

Rebooting – the other most common cause of slow PC’s and servers – not restarting. Just like us sometimes computers just need a tiny bit of downtime. We can restart machines outside your normal working hours as part of regular maintenance.

Patch Management – nobody likes a windows update. They always land at the wrong time. But not if we’ve used automation to deliver these critical updates out of hours. Just another small way to ensure your working time is maximised.

How To Get Remote Monitoring and Maintenance

It’s included in our IT Support Service. In fact it’s one of the key components of the service. If you’d like to find out more about that service and talk to us about how we can improve your IT it couldn’t be easier. You can book a 15-minute call by completing a contact form, email us on or call us 0115 8220200.

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