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Your IT Offer Exclusive Broadband in Nottingham

We are delighted to announce that we have secured an exclusive package of broadband options for clients in the center of Nottingham.

Broadband connectivity has been notoriously poor in the central Nottingham area and so, back in 2016 Nottingham City Council entered into an agreement with ITS Technology to utilise the underground telecommunications infrastructure along the tram route to install superfast Fibre broadband.

Your IT have now signed up as one of a small number of exclusive resellers for the fibre broadband in Nottingham.

Tram lines providing infrastructure for broadband Nottingham

Craig Pearson, Director of Sales & Marketing at Your IT said; ‘We are very happy that we’ve been selected as a partner by ITS and we are looking forward to the benefits that this provides to our clients in the Nottingham City Centre area.’

‘Broadband connectivity in the city centre has always been an issue but we are now able to offer super-fast broadband at fantastic prices. Nottingham is a vibrant city and fast becoming a hub for creative industries, clean tech and digital media. To support this growth a modern, cost-effective telecommunications infrastructure capable of offering low cost ‘gigabit’ connectivity is essential.’

‘We aim to be a one-stop shop for our clients and, in order to do this, we are continually looking for the best possible solutions. This partnership with ITS certainly meets this criteria and we are very excited to be working with a leading full fibre service provider.’

Gigabit Connectivity

With prices from just £99 and speeds up to 1Gigabit available the Your IT / ITS offering, called FibreLight is set to revolutionise broadband in Nottingham.

Previously the only way to get the kinds of speed on offer was via a lease line, out of the price range of many SME’s. FibreLight provides low contention, includes a business grade router and static IP address and backed up with 24/7/365  monitoring and a 6 hours SLA for repair. Since the Nottingham network was turned on there have been zero outages with an uptime of 1 year, 63 days, 2 hours and 30 minutes at time of writing.

If you are based in Nottingham City Centre and you are interested in finding out more about FibreLight then please complete the contact form or call us on 01158220200.