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What Can An Apple Watch (iWatch) Do Without An iPhone?

The iWatch is great, but without an iPhone present at the same, there’s a lot you can’t do. This includes Camera Remote, Weather, Mail, Phone, Maps, Siri, and Stocks. This is because these apps need either GPS signals or active data connections, which the iWatch is unable to do without an iPhone. The iWatch will practically be in Airplane mode until it has iPhone connection. Although, as we all know, to get the full features and best use out of the iWatch you need an iPhone. However, you CAN use it without an iPhone with you. Here’s what you can do:


You will still be able to listen to up to 2GB worth of music you have put onto the device using wireless bluetooth headphones.


You can also view up to 75MB worth of photos from your iCloud library.


The clock will still be useable, and you’ll still be able to view your calendar details, set alarms and timers. However,  you can’t get the ping that goes off to make sure the time on the watch is the same as your dictated global standard.


Although it cannot track your distance, it can still track your fitness. If you don’t want to take your iPhone out for a run, the iWatch will still track your fitness. This feature includes tracking your step counts, heartbeat, stand-sit ratio, and stairs climbed. This information will get stored into your iPhone via an automatic sync when you’re within pairing range.

Apple Pay and Passbook

The iWatch is still able to store your Apple Pay cards as unique tokens on the device. This means that when you activate Apple Pay near an NFC reader, the iWatch uses the terminal to transmit and confirm your payment. So you can pick up something whilst your out, just from using your watch! As for Passbook: boarding passes, loyalty cards, gift cards etc on your iPhone are automatically synced to the iWatch and able to use without the iPhone present.