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Nottingham comes first and beats London in the UK’s startup growth statistics

You may be shocked to know that our capital city, London, actually has the country’s weakest growth. Despite the number of startups has increased 21 per cent in the past year, this is lower than any other part of the country. Overall, the UK has had a 28 per cent growth in new businesses registered with Companies House.

Although Bristol and Birmingham were key areas, with the number of new companies both rising by around 40%, our city of Nottingham actually takes home the top spot with the city’s fledgling entrepreneurs driving startup growth up by a huge 68%! London may have landed the unflattering bottom spot, but startup growth in the capital varies wildly across different industries, as the booming tech sector is a key growth area, with startups in the technology services industry shooting up by 200% over the time period, and wireless and telecommunications rising 70%. At the other end of the scale, there were actually slightly fewer new PR and IT consultants, compared to the year before.

Nottingham City Center

Thank you to BM Magazine for the info.