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Nokia Is Making A 2016 Comeback In Smartphones

According to re/code, Nokia is getting ready to launch a brand new range of smartphones in 2016. Although Nokia won’t been able to produce any devices until 31st December, due to their agreement with Microsoft. After Nokia launching the N1 Android Tablet last year, and now the news of the new smartphones coming, it’s clear Nokia are trying to re-build themselves. Re/code also claim that Nokia have other “ambitious projects” to come.

Although it’s been a while since Nokia phones were popular, Richard Kerris, head of developer relations from 2011-2013, claims people would be “blown away” if the tech in development comes to market. He said he is also confident that “Nokia is a company that is not going away.” However, here in the UK shouldn’t expect these smartphones too soon. When they are launched next year they will launch in China first, then gradually into other markets.