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Apple Buys New Camera Module Maker

The Israeli camera tech company, LinX, has been acquired by Apple. The majority of LinX’s recent offerings are parallax images, 3D picture capture, and multi-aperture camera models that can enable different effects, such as background blur.

The Wall Street Journal say that according to sources familiar with discussions between them, the LinX acquisition has been valued at around $20 million. The startup hardware was originally targeted to smartphones and tablets, and could help achieve improved low-light performance, so that you can take pictures later in the day without flash.

LinX has some great hardware features. The multi-aperture design for the iPhone is a great feature; it produces greater low light, colour fidelity, and HDR. It also accommodates the popular demand of the selective focus post-capture feature.

Something that could be especially handy for Apple’s MacBooks webcam quality, is that Apple’s plans with LinX maybe meaning they will include it in their notebooks. If they install it in more Apple products than just the iPhone they will have more products with improved image quality.