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Everything You Need To Know About VoIP – Find me/follow me & voicemail to email

If you’ve read our blog before you know that we love VoIP

We’ve decided to explain exactly why we love it by looking at some of the features in a bit more detail.

Firstly, we looked at what Call Hunting is and why you might want to use it in your business. Next, we looked at the conference calling and coaching features that are available on our VoIP systems.

Today we are going to explain two features which will be of particular interest to remote workers or those staff out on the road; find me/follow me call routing and voicemail to email transcription.

Find me/follow me call routing

Find me/follow me call routing refers to two technologies which, when used together, allow incoming phone calls to be received on different phones, in different locations.

“Find Me” refers to the ability to receive incoming calls at any location. “Follow Me” refers to the ability to receive calls at any number of designated phones, whether ringing all at once, or in sequence. If no connection is made once all numbers on the list have been called, the system may will forward the call to voicemail


Multiple phones ringing at once: A caller dials your virtual phone number. Simultaneously, your mobile phone, home phone, and office phone all ring at the same time.

Sequential phones ringing: A caller dials your virtual phone number. Your home phone rings first, your cell next, then your home office phone. If there is no answer on any phone, the caller can leave a voicemail message.

Voicemail to email transcription

Voicemail to email transcription transcribes your voicemail messages to text and sends them to your preferred email address with a .wav file (the recorded message) attached.

Using this system, the recipient doesn’t have to worry about scribbling down names, numbers, and addresses, often very inconvenient when out and about.  Instead, these details are available to read in an email at a suitable time and you can scan through messages to find the most urgent.

Finally, the management and organisation of voicemails, including saving them is much easier. You can file, organize, delete, and search all your voicemails in a way that would otherwise be impossible.

Interested in VoIP?

Are you currently using VoIP? If not you need to be aware that ISDN is being phased out and will disappear entirely in 2025 – it’s a case of when, rather than if, your business will move to VoIP.

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