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10 Apple Watch Facts You Didn’t Know

  • If you book a slot, you can try on the Apple watch and view them all at an Apple Store or Selfridges.
  • The appearance of the iWatch was just as important to Apple as the technology behind it – they have also made the stainless steel and leather version very easy to use.
  • If you have the latest version of iOS installed onto your iPhone, your phone will have automatically downloaded the Apple Watch app to your device. This gives you a bit of an insight to what the iWatch will be like through your phone, displaying some of the apps and features.
  • Apple have kinda thought of everything. There’s a “Taptic” function, which basically alerts you when you’ve received a notification like a text or Facebook message, or even when you’ve been sat down too long.
  • You can even send someone a drawing or your heartbeat.
  • There will be a lot of apps available on your Apple Watch that you already have on your phone, so you won’t always have to get out your phone if you’ve got the watch on.
  • Not only can you decide what straps you want on the iWatch, but you can set your own personal fitness goals.
  • This is something definitely recommendable to people who do a lot of exercise. The three-ring Activity feature tells you how long you’ve moved throughout your day, including how much you’ve been sat or stood still. Even your heart rate and numbers of calories burned in the Workout app.
  • This is why the Watch Sport version was made. It has a rubber strap so it doesn’t move around when you’re exercising and getting all sweaty.
  • However, if you’re not into fitness, it’s still a beneficial watch. The watch will tell you it’s time to move if you’ve been sat too long, which is likely to improve your health.