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Your IT rewarded for Excellence in Customer Service

Your IT Department have walked away with the Excellence in Customer Service Award at the 2022 Nachural Entrepreneurship Awards. The award was presented at a lavish ceremony at Leicester City’s King Power Stadium on the evening of Friday 13th May.

The judges were wowed with the above industry standard customer satisfaction scores, high customer retention, dedication to staff training and commitment to measuring and constantly improving the customer experience.

Your IT Managing Director, Lee Hewson commented “Customer Service is essentially what we do as a business. Whilst we do need to be technically skilled and proficient the speed and effectiveness of how we respond to our clients issues and requests is paramount.”

“A large part of how we’ve improved our service over the past 2-3 years is in recognising that we have different customers within each of our client companies. Business owners and Directors have different needs to the individual using the IT in the business. We’ve been able to develop better strategic support for business leaders whilst ensuring that their staff still get their issues dealt with quickly and skilfully”

Service Desk Manager Charley Clarke said “The Service Desk is where a lot of our customer interaction takes place, and we send a survey following every single interaction. Over the past two years we’ve received close to 6,000 completed surveys, which is around 55-60 per week. Only 20 of those responses have been negative and this has meant we average over 99% as a CSAT rating.”

All of us at Your IT would like to thank our customers for their feedback. It steers the training and development of staff and allows us to improve our service and make changes to make your lives easier. This has included the introduction of our new service portal. We’ve seen useage of the portal increase exponentially over the first few weeks as people get used to how the platform works and the advantages it provides in getting both issues and changes dealt with.

We believe this innovation will help us keep improving the service we can provide to clients new and old.