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(Windows 10) Skype Autocorrect and Language Tips

Edit your last message, fastSkype Chat

To quickly change the last message that you sent on Skype chat press the upwards arrow on your keyboard. This is the fast alternative to right clicking the message and clicking ‘Edit Message’. You can also just delete the message by right clicking and clicking ‘Delete Message’.  


Change Windows spell check and autocorrect settings 

Skype Profile

You can use spell check and autocorrect separately. To toggle autocorrect or spell check, press the Windows key and type Typing settings, then select it from the search results and move the slider for the feature you want to change.  


Add and switch quickly between input languages

If you are multilingual then you’ll be happy to hear that these features work in multiple languages! You need to add your languages first, and then you can alternate between input languages. To do this press Win+Space or tape the button on your onscreen keyboard. If you want to add a new input language Press the Windows key > type ‘add a language to this device’ > select if rom search results > Select +Add a language > add the language you want.   

What are your favourite Skype tips and tricks? Comment below! And we thank Microsoft for the info!