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What do we know about the next iPhone?

Although we won’t know exactly what is in store for Apple’s next iPhone until September (exact date is rumoured to be September 25th), we do already know about a few things that we are likely to be getting. It appears Apple will be focusing more on improving the iPhone’s features rather than its appearance.

But what specifically do we know?

1. It may be 60% more durable than the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This is if the rumours are true for it to be using the same Series 7000 aluminium that the Apple Watch Sport has.

2. We may be losing the home button! According to the Digitimes Apple are working on a design that doesn’t have a home button. Whether this is true, or whether they will go with this design, we won’t know yet.

3. The camera should be a lot better, apparently even the “biggest camera jump ever.” The Wall Street Journal have said that due to the LinX camera technology that Apple have acquired for $20 million, there should be a reduction in noise and much clearer camera quality. It’s rumoured that the iPhone’s main camera will be jumping from 8-megapixels to 12-megapixels. Other rumours say that the front camera will support 1080p video, panoramic mode, flash, and 24-frames-per-second slow-motion shooting. A dramatic change!

4. And due to the LinX technology, we may be able to add 3D effects to photo’s you’ve taken with the iPhone with “3D Object modeling” and a “duo camera.” This means that the iPhone wouldn’t only have one camera sensor, so it’d be able to capture depth-of-field.

5. It may have more than one size. It’s believed that there will be one in the size of the iPhone 6 (4.7 inch), one in the size of the iPhone 6 Plus (5.5-inch), but also a new, smaller size. It’s rumoured that there will also be a 4-inch iPhone available with the release in September.

6. According to The Wall Street Journal,  Apple are testing out a pink iPhone!  Whether or not they will go with it we won’t know just yet, but it could be happening.

7. We don’t know specifically what to expect, but we do know it’s more than likely that the new iPhone will have a better processor. Apple usually upgrades the processor in each iPhone.

8. Force Touch technology debuted with the Apple Watch and new MacBook, and will be in the new iPhone! It however won’t detect pressure like the new MacBook’s trackpad, but will sense “contact area on which the finger touches the screen to decide how big the pressure is.” You’ll be able to use the Force Touch for various shortcuts, for example applying more pressure to the screen instead of having to swipe to scroll.

9. It will either be called the iPhone 6s or the iPhone 7. On one hand, because it’s expected to be very different than the iPhone 6 or 6 Plus, there’s a good chance it will be the iPhone 7. But on the other had, many are expecting Apple to continue their tradition of waiting two years between each iPhone number, which would be next year.

10. It will have the new Apple software, iOS 9. They always ship the newest software, so when you buy the new iPhone later in the year you won’t have to download it.

(Thank you to Business Insider for the info!)