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Rewarding Staff for Your Feedback

Here at Your IT Department we’ve always been keen to get client feedback.

We share feedback within our promotional materials, display our running Customer Satisfaction Score live on the front page of our website and we analyse any negative feedback to improve our service.

In May 2017 we moved from using the website to a tool called Smileback. This was much simpler to use, enabling individuals to leave feedback with a single click. The introduction of Smileback increased the level of feedback we were receiving and the engagement with clients, but we were still looking for something more.

Our Service Desk engineers take great pride in their own CSAT scores, and of course we monitor both individual and collective scores. We strongly believe that customer service is our number 1 priority, we focus on it ahead of even technical skills.

We felt that Smileback lacked in a couple of areas. We wanted some reward for the engineers for providing excellent customer service and we also wanted a system that would allow peer review.

After much research we came across Crewhu and implemented it in February of 2019.

Why Crewhu?

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Crewhu incorporated the same easy to use ‘one-click’ style feedback system using a smiley face system, and still allowed further comment if and when clients wanted to leave this. This made the change at the client end as minimal as possible. The real change was in the back end.

Each time an engineer receives a positive review from a client they are awarded Crewhu ‘Bucks’. These bucks can be saved up and used to buy rewards. For example, we offer vouchers for Amazon, Restaurant Choice, Cineworld and Costa, or even a half-day annual leave.

The feedback is also shared with colleagues via a Crewhu Channel on Microsoft Teams; meaning that everyone can see all of the feedback coming into the business. Crewhu also offers some Gamification as each week we have a league table showing who has received the most positive feedback, with additional Crewhu bucks awarded to the top performer.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work!

But it’s not just clients who can award Crewhu bucks. We’ve moved our Employee of the Month award into Crewhu. Each nomination is worth 200 bucks; and the winner gets 2,500.

Both the Leadership Team and all other employees also have a discretionary ‘bucks’ budget that they can award to their colleagues. Awards are given based on adherence to the Your IT values:

  • We Are Client Focused
  • We Are Loyal & Committed
  • We Work As A Team
  • We Have Respect
  • We Have Fun!

The system means individuals can thank their Colleagues for support and help in a tangible way. Management can also publicly thank staff for going that extra mile or going out of their way to help a client or colleague.

The Crewhu Widget is live on our website so everyone can see how we are doing with our Customer Satisfaction score over the past 90 days, making us completely transparent to existing clients and potential new ones.

Would you like to work with a Business that rewards its staff?

For businesses with 20 or more users and no in-house IT department we believe Fully Managed IT Support is a no brainer. You have too many users to rely on an individual to help with IT alongside their main job, whilst employing full-time IT engineers is generally not cost effective until you reach 250+ users.

For a fixed monthly fee all of your IT needs are taken care of. Security is built in with anti-virus, email filtering and automated software patching. Regular maintenance, along with configuration and installation of new equipment is included. We look after your 3rd party suppliers, working with them to sort out issues with phones and broadband even where we don’t supply them. Finally, you have the backing of a full team of engineers on our service desk, with unlimited on-site support available too, if things do go wrong. And it probably costs less than you might think.

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