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IT Support For Your Internal IT People

Sometimes, the businesses we work with have internal IT people. And a senior member of staff who takes on responsibility for the IT, without actually having a background in IT themselves. If that’s you, then you should be scared. Terrified in fact.

Not because you don’t have the skillset. But because if your IT goes badly wrong – I’m talking ransomware attacks or similar, large scale problems – the responsibility rests with you. Luckily, there is a solution to protect both you and the business. It’s called co-managed IT support.

You retain your in-house IT people. And we help them with whatever support they need, at whatever level. The best way to describe our help is to imagine a ring donut, with your internal IT person in the middle. Yes, it’s a big donut!

They Benefit From Support All Round

IT Support For Your Internal IT People provides support at all levels:

At the bottom: Help handling the low level stuff that’s important, but can be overwhelming. Such as being the help desk for your staff; monitoring the network; rolling out updates
At the sides: Support at their skill level, to help them cope with workload, and have direct access to an experienced IT team to bounce ideas off
From above: High level strategic advice and long-term planning

Our job is to compliment your internal IT people. But add in the partnership and strategic overview. So there’s plenty of high level thinking and support on tap. This gets the most out of your internal resource. And also fully protects you, as the person with ultimate responsibility.

Some IT managers see outsourced IT support partners as a threat.

We are not a threat.

Our job is to make you and your internal IT people look great, and operate brilliantly. When you look great, so do we – we all win!

How We Can Help

Want to find out more about IT Support For Your Internal IT People? Or looking to supplement your in-house team? We’ll make it as easy as possible! Start by getting in touch and telling us your issues and current needs. You can call us on 0115 8220200, if you’d rather we call you then complete our Contact Form, or book a time to chat in our calendar.