Cloud Desktop

Your Computer – Anywhere!

With remote working now central to the way we do business, Cloud Desktop from Your IT Department offers a complete cloud-based computing system that’s flexible, secure, great value and completely scalable – so it can grow with your business.

You’ll benefit from access to your business files, data and applications anytime, anywhere through industry-leading Citrix or RDP-based Cloud Desktop software.

Reduce Your IT Costs with Cloud Desktop

Make significant savings over the purchase and maintenance of more traditional IT infrastructure.

Flexible Options

Choose from Citrix or RDP platforms, with Windows 10 operating systems for consistency across your businesses.

Secure Two-Factor Authentication

Enhanced authenticated login delivers the highest levels in access security. Protecting your valuable data and systems.

Free Hosted Exchange Mailbox

The latest mailbox with all Professional and Enterprise Remote Desktop packages, offering a huge 100GB of storage.

Comprehensive inbuilt back-up solution

All of our Cloud Desktop solutions are backed up using 4 different methods:

Snapshot Backup – Our Storage Area Network (SAN) will take a snapshot of its data every 4 hours throughout the day.This means we can restore servers and files at any point within a two-hour period.

VM Backup – We take a VM Level backup of each server daily using Veeam technology. This means that a Virtual server can be restored in full without having to reinstall all applications or settings.

Replication – A full replica is taken of every virtual server using Veeam Technology every night. This enables us to power on an exact replica on different hardware within minutes.

File Level Backup – A backup agent is installed on every VM to backup guest files from the OS level.

Add you own Apps to Cloud Desktop

Windows Store for Business

Think of Cloud Desktop as a standard Windows machine in terms of what you can and can’t install. Typically, if an application works in a Windows environment, it will work on our Cloud Desktop. We currently host over 2,000 bespoke applications across the board, including popular apps such as Sage and QuickBooks.

Fast Set Up with minimal downtime

Before starting the setup, we will agree a migration plan and a go-live date. It is always our aim to ensure there is no downtime. Since our first migration in 2009, we have never experienced a client being unable to work as a result of a Cloud Desktop deployment.

In the lead-up to the go-live date, we will ensure that we have installed and migrated everything that you need, meaning that when we reach the point of switchover, you can log straight in to the Remote Desktop and seamlessly carry on with business.


    15-minute response time


    Low Risk & Complete Flexibility


    An Extension of Your Business