How We Help You Detect and Respond

Even with many layers of protection in place unfortunately nobody can guarantee that you will not be victims of cyber crime.

You might think that should the worst happen your IT Support company springs into action and fixes the problem. This probably won’t be the case. A cyber attack is outside the scope of ‘IT Support’. It is not something that has ‘gone wrong’. It is a malicious act. A crime committed against you and your business. Your IT Support Provider may provide the tools to try and protect your data, but ultimately the responsibility for that data rests with you. And nobody can make you 100% safe.

How We Work With Our Clients

This is how we work: If there is a cyber attack then most of the time it will be you that detects an issue. You’ll let us know and we will then respond. Because we know your systems, and already have tools on your network, many problems can be sorted before they become a major issue. We’ll absorb costs where we can. In the event that significant remedial work is required then we may have to make additional charges. However the last thing we want to do is kick you while you are down so we’ll keep it to a minimum and communicate all the way through. You’ll not be left with any nasty surprise bills at the end.

During our normal monitoring and maintenance we might notice something amiss. Some security breaches are not immediately visible. Often something ‘lives’ in a network for a while before it attacks. Again, we’ll remedy anything like this and let you know.

So your MSP is offering some very basic level ‘detect and respond services’ however, you should be asking is this enough? The threat level is at an all-time high so you might consider that your risk levels justify a specialist solution. This is where a Managed Detection and Response Solution comes in.

Managed Detection and Response

Typically Managed Detection and Response (MDR) is something that has only been available to really big companies. It involves a Security Operations Centre (SOC). The SOC is dedicated department monitoring the network 24/7 for any sign of trouble. Should a cyber attack happen this department springs into action and remedies the problem immediately. We are talking turbo-charged security.

Of course this is very labour intensive and has traditionally therefore been really expensive.

However, we are now able to offer a more ‘SME friendly’ MDR service. This 24/7 monitoring is a key feature of our Cyber Team solutions. MDR can dramatically reduce the time to discover and recover from an incident. This lowers the risk and total cost of the attack.


How We Can Help

If you don’t have IT Support you’re taking the cyber security journey all alone. And that can be lonely and confusing! With a Managed Service Provider like Your IT in place you have immediate, emergency response and a partner with access to expertise to remedy complex issues. Should the worst happen you’re not facing it alone. Plus it is much harder to recover from a cyber attack if you only get help AFTER it happens.

Becoming one of our Managed Service Clients starts with a 15-minute video call. In this call we’ll find out what technology you have, discuss your current IT issues and talk about what you need from your technology. There is no obligation to move to a full IT Assessment following this call, and no obligation to buy anything, ever. If you’d rather you can call us on 0115 8220200 or complete our contact form and we’ll get back to you.


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