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Listening To Your Feedback And Improving Support

You’ll have seen a few posts from us recently about the levels of customer satisfaction we achieve – we’ve even been in touch with some of you regarding the both the positive, and occasional negative, comments that we receive from you, our customers.

We often use feedback left either through the website or, more recently, the new Smileback system we’ve adopted as promotional material. An example of this from one of our Nottingham based customers can be seen below:

It was whilst contacting one of our customers to get permission to use their feedback that we received an email stating that “It’s good to know the feedback is looked at!” Initially, we were a little surprised, why would you ask for feedback and not look at it? However, we then thought back to experience gained in other industries and realised that we’ve all seen this happening. IT Support is a little different. We strongly believe that it’s the ‘Support’ element that is the most important part of what we do.

Your IT strive to provide a customer focused, efficient and high quality IT Support service to businesses. Of course, the technical skills are extremely important, without them you can’t provide the fix the customer is looking for, however simply fixing the problem is not enough. Here at Your IT we believe that service is the key and this is where we are continually developing our model of proactive IT Support.

In order to be truely ‘customer focused’ we need to understand what we do that customers like and what they don’t hence asking for feedback after EVERY interaction. Since March we’ve been using Smileback, which gives us an at a glance dashboard which you can see below:

We can see that we have a much higher response rate than expected so thank you to everyone that gives us feedback – it is much appreciated. We can also see that the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, just 1.8% of feedback has been negative so far. This is great news but it also means can still improve.

We learn from all of the feedback we receive, it informs our staff training and development policy and ensures we put the resources in place that impact most greatly on our customers. Customer feedback is the first item on our team meeting agenda and is visible to staff at all times. And we reward staff who achieve good scores and get good feedback.

So, we certainly do read all of your feedback, we are actually slightly obsessed with it, and it does have an impact on the work we do and on the IT Support delivered by Your IT; both now and in the future.

We’d like to thank you for the feedback you already leave us and ask you to keep doing it. If you are generally happy with the service we provide then we’d also encourage you to review us on Google and visit our Facebook page and leave reviews there. As a small business in a very competitive market that external recognition is really important to us. Finally, if you’ve got any issues with anything that we do then please contact us, we are always willing to discuss your concerns and try to make sure that we address any concerns before they become issues.