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FAQ pages can be pretty boring so we’ve done something different…..

We’ve answered our 8 most asked questions in the following video, and to make it even easier each question is in a separate, shorter video underneath, so you can skip straight to the answer to your most burning question 😊

We act as a complete outsourced IT department for our clients, looking after every aspect of their technology. We can roughly break this down under four headings.

Reactive IT Support.

This is unlimited, remote and onsite support from the service desk. Monday to Friday, 7 a.m.

until 6:30 p.m. A team of IT professional will fix your problems as they arise within agreed timescales.

We then have proactive IT support.

This is the remote monitoring and management of all of your IT systems. Spotting potential problems before they arise and before they become an issue for the business. This also includes keeping your systems up to date with patches, etc.

Then we have changes. Setting up new users, removing old ones, setting up new machines, basically doing anything that needs doing from a technical perspective that’s not broken.

And finally, we have account management and strategy.

A dedicated business advisor and technical engineer develop an IT roadmap for you and a budget for the business. No surprises, just technology that helps the business now and in the future.

Businesses in our industry work towards which form part of our agreement. Our SLA’s are industry standard. However, they often confuse people. People think we work TO the SLA, so if we get priority one issue, we’ll take an hour to respond. That’s not the case.

The SLA is the maximum time it will take for someone to respond to your issue. The SLA’s are important. They help us to prioritize the most important tickets, but they do not reflect the service you’ll receive. They also provide a point of reference if a client is ever concerned about our performance.

However, if we were getting close to SLA’s on a regular basis, we’d be extremely aware of this

and addressing it. Our actual average time taken to respond to a ticket is in fact 17 minutes across all priorities and our average resolutions time is 99 minutes.

Again, this is for all tickets at all priority levels.

Obviously, we can solve the technical issues that you have in the business, but as a managed service provider we provide more than Technical Support.

We help our clients develop an IT strategy so that technology helps them deliver their business goals, we’ll make suggestions that help drive productivity and efficiency in the business and help you develop budgets and implementation plans.

We solve problems around compliance and security, ensuring businesses meet the needs of their customers, their stakeholders and third parties such as insurance companies.

We save management time by providing a single point of contact for everything IT and technology related, even helping manage third party vendors such as software, broadband or telephone providers.

Yes, we provide our unified security package as part of our core offering. The unified package gives clients a comprehensive managed cybersecurity solution and as the name suggests, it all works seamlessly together.

Unified includes proactive endpoint detection and response, including next Gen antivirus, Vulnerability management, e-mail Security, DNS filtering, and Microsoft 365 security management. You also get a 24/7 Security Operations Centre providing security information and event management along with incident response and remediation.

We can also add further solutions to secure your business depending on your risk and your industry requirements. However, unified gives every business a solution that dramatically reduces the risk of attacks, ensures that any incidents are detected and dealt with quickly, complies with regulations and provides the business owner with complete Peace of Mind.

Although we are an IT company, customer service is actually what we’re doing day in, day out and our dedication to customer service first is what marks out from our competitors.

Our customers are our number one priority, and we go the extra mile to help them. We’ve won a number of customer service awards and have a 98% customer satisfaction rate. 3% above the industry standard.

The business has been operating for 14 years and we still have clients that we got back in 2009. The average lifetime for a client in our industry is estimated to be around 4 years. Our average customer lifetime is currently over 7 years, and we have an annual retention rate of over 95% of clients.

We believe this the ultimate measure of customer satisfaction.

We have around 110 clients and in the region of 2100 end users, we’re not being too precise, or we’d have to rerecord this video every other week.

We work with businesses from around 10 users up to around about 100 and everything in between.

We cover every industry that uses a computer from accountants, solicitors, recruitment agencies, construction, engineers, and many many more.

We provide IT support to charities and not for profits such as Girlguiding across the East Midlands to a TV personalities, auction House and Leicestershire County Cricket Club amongst a really diverse range of clients.

If you use technology in your business we can help you.

Absolutely. About 95% of our clients use Microsoft 365. So we’ve become experts in setting it up, configuring it and helping when it goes wrong.

We’ve also just introduced a training module available through our service portal. This provides training to get more from all the different elements of Microsoft 365, including Excel, PowerPoint, Teams, Outlook and OneDrive.

If there’s ever anything that we can’t do, we have an extensive network of contacts that we can refer people on to.

The simple answer is it depends.

We often get asked to provide a ballpark figure, and we usually shy away from doing so. The problem is once we give you a figure and when we spend some time going through your systems, find a lot of stuff and then you think we’re holding out on you.

To give you an idea, we charge roughly £45 per user per month for support and the unified cyber security package. We believe this is the best value package you’ll find at that price point.

Some IT companies will charge extra for a number of the things that we include a standard. On site support is often chargeable. Cybersecurity solutions are often chargeable. A lower support price might not be lower once you’ve factored all of these other items in.

What we promise is that our pricing is transparent and clear. You’ll know exactly what’s covered and what’s not, and your cost will be fixed. There’ll be no nasty surprises as we’ll communicate clearly with you at all times.