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Apple Car???

Electric car manufacturer, Tesla, could have some major competition, as Apple are rumoured to begin their design for their first electric car, under the codename ‘Titan’, whilst other tech firms such as Google are exploring driverless technologies. According to The Wall Street Journal, they have hundreds of employees working tirelessly on the design very secretly, meanwhile company executives have been flown over to Austria to  meet with contract manufacturers of high-end cars. It is said to be similar to a minivan. The team designing this is said to be made up of many highly experienced people in vehicle design, including Marc Newson who joined the company last year, and Newson – who has created a concept car previously for Ford.Apple have been refusing to confirm or deny these rumours, although Tim Cook (Apple CEO) did say last September that “there are products Apple are working on that no-one knows about.” Apple is known to invest in development work on a massive range of products that never bring to market, and have filed many patents for a variety of unrealised prototype designs. To create and design a car, they will need a large amount of development time.

The newest product from Apple that will be available to buy next will be the Apple Watch. We have another blog post on this Your IT Department Ltd blog about, which includes photos, a video, and all you need to know about each of the different Apple iWatch’s that will be available.

How do you think the Apple Car will look, and what features will it have? Leave your predictions below in the comments!