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Tips to create a strong relationship with your team

1. Improve your communication skills

The main factor of a failed relationship, work or personal, is usually a lack of communication. You want individuals on your team to feel comfortable in their career trajectory. This only happens when they are receiving a clear and consistent message from the top. All communication, whether you are delivering exciting news or having a tough conversation, needs to be handled with care, clarity and an even tonality. But don’t forget that communication is a two-way street. You need to be available and approachable to comments and suggestions.


2. Offer support during adversity

By getting to know your team through quality interactions, communicating brilliantly and showing them you truly care, it is possible to build a team of “lifers.” A team that has a long term focus is a team where everyone buys into the success of the organization as a whole. And when that happens, magical things in your business will follow.


3. Spend quality time together

Great long-term relationships don’t happen overnight. They are a byproduct of genuinely getting to know someone over the course of time. Trust and understanding grow through a series of small interactions over the weeks, months and years. The most important rule of thumb is to spend quality time consistently with each member of your staff, through the occasional lunch, team sporting event or other social activities. While terrific in-office interactions play an equally important role in developing great relationships, social connections can accelerate the process.