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7 reasons you shouldn’t choose us for IT Support

We’re always telling you why you should choose us for your IT Support Provider but we’re obviously not the perfect choice for everyone. So, we thought we’d flip it and give you the reasons why you shouldn’t choose us for your IT support.

1. Your current service is fine you just want it cheaper.

We might be cheaper than your existing IT support, we might be more expensive. But if your just going to choose the cheapest IT support available then we know you can get cheaper than us. We are looking for those that want value for money rather than cheap and recognise what we do above and beyond basic support.

2. You want someone to keep old equipment running.

Computer hardware has a finite lifecycle. We cannot keep your server, PC or laptop going indefinitely and we are going to suggest you replace it. We don’t like sticky plasters. If something is failing constantly it most likely needs replacing rather than ‘fixing’.

3. You’ve got no budget for IT.

Linked to No. 2 really. You need to spend money in order to refresh your IT. This will have business benefits. Increased productivity and efficiency comes from newer equipment.

We will also want to improve areas of your IT over time. Things move fast in the world of technology and there is a cost in keeping up. It’s worth noting we make very, very little profit selling equipment. So, when sell you something it’s because it’s needed not to try and line our pockets!

4. You think cyber security is a ‘fad’ or just for big business.

We can quote figures for attacks on small businesses. Or better still you can attend our free webinar and we’ll scare you to death! Cyber security is for EVERY business. It’s very important and, again, you’ll probably have to spend money on it. If you’re not prepared to then we can’t protect you. The simple matter is you’ll hold us responsible if something goes wrong, and expect us to fix it, even if you’ve ignored every bit of advice we’ve ever given you. So, you take cyber security seriously or we don’t take you on as a client.

5. You don’t want a partnership.

We’re experts. That’s not us being big headed. We’ve been doing this IT stuff for a few years, and we have all sorts of qualifications, certificates and awards. Therefore we’ll offer advice. Whilst we don’t expect you to take every single bit of it, we hope it will all be considered.

One of, if not the, single biggest frustration we have is when we get a call from a client who says ‘I’ve bought a new XXX and I can’t get it to work, can you sort it?’ This might be a laptop that they can’t get logged on, a printer that won’t connect to the network, or a broadband connection that’s giving no internet. We ask that you talk to us first. Treat us like an internal department. You wouldn’t change your accounts package without consulting the person who does the books, don’t change your technology or network without talking to your IT guys!

6. You measure value for money by how often you see an engineer.

News flash. Engineers on site are generally a bad sign! Unless it’s been agreed and there is a project or installation going on, then you don’t want engineers on site. 99% of IT problems can be solved remotely. Sometimes we need ‘boots on the ground’ for something annoyingly simple which just requires a physical intervention but generally speaking if everything is going well then you’ll see your Account Manager regularly and nobody else!!

7. You don’t get that if your IT is working fine it’s because we are doing a good job, it’s not a reason why you no longer need IT support (or need your price cut!).

We’ll give you reports that show how many calls you’ve made to support. They’ll show how quickly we fixed issues, help us identify ongoing problems that need further trouble shooting etc. etc. However, a reducing number of calls to IT is a GOOD thing. This means all the stuff we’re doing in the background is working. If you’re not calling IT, and not seeing engineers on site you should be paying your IT company MORE. They are doing a fantastic job!

What To Do If You’d Like To Choose Us for Your IT Support

We’re sure the types of businesses we’ve described above are not you, so we’d be happy to talk to you about becoming your IT Support Provider.

Let’s organise an initial 15-minute video call to check we’re on the same page, find out what your current issues are and make sure you like what we offer.

We’ve tried to make it easy, simply click on the calendar below and book a good day and time for you. If you’d prefer us to call you please complete our contact form. Or finally you can go old school and just pick up the phone and call 0115 8220200.