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5 Ways to make your meetings more effective

1. Set a clear plan beforehand.

It’s extremely helpful if people arrive to their meetings completely prepared. Creating a clear agenda in advance allows everyone attending to prepare, which results in more productive meetings.



2. Keep them as short as you can.

People tend to focus more in shorter meetings. Studies have shown that people stop asking questions and focus on getting things done when they’re working faster. Ideally meetings shouldn’t last any longer than 1 hour.



3. No devices.

If you can, having no devices will stop people having distractions in your meetings.



4. Save updates for emails.

Instead of wasting time by having meeting after meeting, if updates can be done via email instead, do that.



5. Use the last 5-10 minutes to recap.

To move forward, ensure that everyone is on-board and understands what has been said and is expected of them.




Thank you to Entrepreneur for some of the tips!