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Organising Your Office Desktop to Improve Productivity – The 4 Best Tips.

Increasing productivity in your business doesn’t just mean optimising your equipment and sharpening your attention. Organising your office desktop is also essential.

A clutter-free work space is paramount to improving your productivity. Piles of papers and junk on your desk can cause you to waste a lot of time searching for a critical document. As a result, you’re less likely to meet deadlines. This is where organising your office desktop can also be a big help.

However, this clutter problem doesn’t just affect your desk or office. 

Your computer desktop can also be cluttered. We all have those “I’ll organise that folder later” moments don’t we?

Disorganised folders impact your productivity as much as physical clutter. To avoid this scenario, you need to declutter your computer as well. This article will share our four top tips on decluttering your computer desktop. 

There are also plenty of hidden features and apps within Microsoft 365 to help boost your productivity and save time too.


The most important thing you should do to prevent clutter on your computer is set up an intuitive folder system. You can use several categories, such as file type or name, depending on what suits your research or work best. 

The system should also be easy to use for many years to come, so consider your plans when creating it. 

You can place these folders in your file share tools (e.g., Google Drive and Dropbox), hard drive, or desktop if you back them up regularly. 


Besides making your computer desktop fully functional, you should also enhance its appeal. So, select a meaningful or beautiful background. It needs to be enjoyable to look at, motivating you to keep your computer tidy. 

Another great idea is to use a motivational background. Images with powerful messages encourage you to work harder and remain focused. This type of coaching also enables you to organise your desktop and stay on top of clutter. 


Having quick access to your most used programs or software is a must. It allows you to start working immediately without wasting time searching for apps. 

You should first determine which software matters most to you. Your portfolio may comprise two or three apps you use daily or an entire suite of programs that provide the necessary functionality. 

The taskbar is an effective alternative, as program icons are often responsible for the bulk of your clutter. Keeping the essential icons in the taskbar makes them quickly accessible since you won’t need to browse.


Dumping new files and programs onto your desktop may be tempting if you’re in a hurry.

Try to give yourself a few minutes to organise all new apps and files appropriately, according to your folder organising system. A quick way to do so is to use automatic file sorting by date or alphabetically. It doesn’t take long, yet it can significantly reduce clutter on your computer. 


Decluttering your computer desktop is one of the best ways to boost your productivity. 

Once you’ve organised it to your liking, you’ll be able to find the necessary files and programs effortlessly. You’ll then feel rejuvenated, and your mood may improve dramatically, allowing you to overcome mental obstacles during your workday. 

It might take some time to optimise your desktop, but it’ll be well worth it. 

You could also assign this job to your IT provider. However, they may not understand your needs and this is really something that’s personal to you, so it might well be one of those jobs that’s best done yourself. 

Happy organising!

Article adapted with permission from The Technology Press