Your IT Launch cloud based email archiving service

January 23, 2013

Your IT Dept have partnered with Mcafee to provide cloud based email archiving service in the UK.  We have provided Mcafee’s email protection service for over 8 years, and the archiving solution can complement this as an add on or stand alone service.

Why Archive Emails?
In the not-so-distant past, most companies paid very little attention to how they stored email. Email volumes were also nowhere near what they are today, and business-critical information was routinely stored in hard-copy form.

But today, email volumes are soaring, and email has become a primary medium for communicating all kinds of information. Reliable storage and quick access to that information is essential to business operations.

At the same time, government and industry regulations require you to keep paper trails for myriad decisions and processes—whether or not any actual paper is involved. Businesses of all sizes, therefore, need a way to safely store and rapidly retrieve the massive volumes of email they generate every day.

Secure, affordable email archiving 

No hardware or software to install or manage • No up-front capital outlay • No setup or upgrade fees • 24×7 customer support at no extra charge • Unlimited storage at no extra charge • Retention for one or multiple years.

As well as cloud based email archiving we also provide sofware based solutions from Mailstore.  Watch the Mailstore video here

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