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Leaked HTC One M9 Info

@Upleaks has leaked three promo video’s about the HTC One M9. They reveal that we’re likely to get a 4MP front camera for those most important selfies, and an incredible 20 MP back camera too. The HTC One M9 is also going to have Dolby surround sound from their signature BoomSound speakers. Although there are… Read full article

Apple Releases Equality Emoji’s

The diverse emoji’s are being released mid-march with an OS update, after much criticism over the years of the lack of different races in their emoji’s. In OS X 10.10.3 and iOS 8.3 beta you can click and hold any emoji and change their skin tone.   Any of these emoji’s that are supposed to… Read full article

ICO Warns About Lifespan of Some Cookies

The ICO (Information Commissioner’s Office) has started to bash the way some websites are using cookies, after an international privacy study has announced that a website cookie can have a lifespan of up to 7,984 years. They revealed that there are some sites that place cookies on devices that will outlast the productivity of the… Read full article

You may be entitled to a FREE Apple repair!

From viewing the poster below, is it time to contact Apple to get your free MacBook Pro repair?

Beware – FAKE Microsoft Emails!

Be careful! If you receive this email in the image above from ‘Microsoft’ it is SPAM and it is not them, do not respond to it and ignore it. One of our customers made us aware of this issue this morning. Please share this blog post on to make others aware of this issue and… Read full article

Apple Car???

Electric car manufacturer, Tesla, could have some major competition, as Apple are rumoured to begin their design for their first electric car, under the codename ‘Titan’, whilst other tech firms such as Google are exploring driverless technologies. According to The Wall Street Journal, they have hundreds of employees working tirelessly on the design very secretly,… Read full article

Apps That Could Change Your Work Productivity

1. Acompli Acompli brings the most important emails to the top, dragging less important to the bottom by using machine learning, and cleverly paying attention to which emails that you respond the quickest to. 2. Google Inbox Some people say Google Inbox has changed the way they approach email, as it helps cut through clutter…. Read full article

New Customer – Loreus

Loreus is one of the newest customers here at Your IT Department that we offer IT support to! They help businesses achieve cost reductions and increased revenue through improved environmental performance. They have over 65 years combined experience helping organisations with sustainability and improving their environmental performance. They’ve also been an IEMA approved training provider… Read full article

New Customer – Pro Enviro

Pro Enviro is one of our newest customers that we offer IT support to here at Your IT Department! Pro Enviro Ltd is a multi-disciplinary consultancy which specialises in low carbon technologies, low carbon skills, and resource efficiency.  With international roots, Pro Enviro have a national influence over the policies, strategies, and skills that companies… Read full article

Top 10 Windows 10 Features

1. Start Menu Returns The well missed Start Menu returns! Now, when you click the Start button at the left of the screen, two panels side by side appear. The left column shows pinned, recent, and most-used apps. The right column features a selection of live tiles that you’re able to customize, re-size, and re-organize…. Read full article


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