Make A Change

March of last year could’ve been considerably less stressful for you and your business.

It may be a little traumatic, but let’s go back in time to around a year ago.

The country was anticipating moving into a national lockdown. People didn’t really know what to expect.

Many businesses were left with no option but to send staff home to work.

Everyone had a very short amount of time to move entire businesses and fundamentally change their way of working.

You suddenly needed everyone to be able to collaborate, share documents, and stay updated with everything that was happening in the business. From a makeshift office at home!

How well did this work out for your business?

If you already had a ‘work anywhere, anytime’ setup within your business then it may well have been plain sailing.

If not, it was full of stress and confusion, if not downright panic!

Many businesses like yours came out of the whole experience pretty unhappy with their IT support provider.

We heard from a lot of local business that when they most needed IT support, it simply wasn’t there.

The problem is, many of these IT support providers were too small, too inexperienced or simply completely unprepared to take on something of that size and complexity. They lacked the skills and capacity to provide the help everyone needed at the same time.

The pandemic has sped up a realisation amongst businesses like yours. If you’re serious about growing your business, you need more that an IT provider that you just call when you have a problem.

You need a strategic partner. Of course, they fix anything that goes wrong quickly, but more than that they work proactively, looking for ways to make your business run more smoothly. To make your IT setup the best it can be for your business. And, when the chips are down, to have the skills and capacity to make big changes quickly.

The Right Changes Make A Whole World of Difference

How much simpler would things have been if your business already had provision for working remotely?

Would that have saved you time and stress? Would the transition to remote working have been smoother?

We believe that in most business a few key changes in the IT setup can boost productivity, help you hit your goals more quickly and mean that you are prepared for the unexpected.

And we are confident we can help you to identify the changes you need to make.

We are used to helping business owners and managers who need more from their IT provider.

We constantly hear from people who are looking for a real partnership, not just a faceless organisation on the end of the phone. Those business owners and managers have realised the benefit of having someone working in the background. Of having a business creating and maintaining an IT system that compliments and enhances the work that they do.

We’d love to help you with this too.

That’s why we are offering your business a ‘key changes’ audit.

Our experts will talk to you about the systems you use, your security provisions, and how your people use your entire IT infrastructure. We discuss any current technology issues that you are having and how things would work in your perfect world.

From this conversation we’re certain we can suggest the key changes you can make that will create an IT setup that makes your life a lot easier.

There is no cost to this audit.

And we’ll leave you with a comprehensive, easy to understand report.

But first we’ll need a short video call. We just need 15 minutes to get an idea about your business and answer any questions you may need.

Just select an appointment date and time that suits you from the live calendar below.

There is absolutely no obligation to go ahead with the full audit, even after we speak.

And there is no obligation to buy anything, ever.

Book your 15 minute video call now and start changing your IT for the better.


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