Maintenance Visits

We strongly believe prevention is better than cure…….

Whilst our IT Support Packages include 24/7 monitoring it is impossible to identify every potential issue using our remote access capabilities. Sometimes it’s just better if we get our hands dirty! Maintenance visits vastly improve the level of proactive support we can provide; finding and fixing potential problems before they become issues that have a negative effect on your business.

What your maintenance visits will include:

On each maintenance visit your dedicated engineer will carry out a full system diagnostic, working through a comprehensive checklist. This allows us to identify problems that wouldn’t be obvious from remote monitoring alone.

A full server health check.

We’ll check that your server is in tip top condition and running exactly as it should be. If we find any issues, or potential issues, we’ll put them right. Regular servicing of your server will prolong its life and enhance its performance.

Analyse your entire network security.

From old user profiles to poor passwords and outdated software we’ll check every inch of your network to find any security issues. We’ll resolve any issues,help you to make sure they don’t reoccur and ensure you are protected from viruses and malware.

Scan your desktops, laptops and thin clients.

We’ll identify any issues on indiviudals machines, we’ll update any missing patches and we’ll let you know which machines are approaching end of life so you can effectively budget and plan for replacement. Older machines hamper productivity and can be a security risk.

Make recommendations for improvement.

Automation, VR, Cloud Technology, it’s difficult to keep up with changes in technology and sort through the hype for advances that will really impact your business. We’ll talk you through what’s new in plain English and explain how it might help your business.

Maintenance Visit Options

Every business is different and so we offer a range of maintenance visit options. We’ll carry out a thorough and robust assessment of your needs and discuss the best route for you from our range of options.

Quarterly Bi-Monthly Monthly Fortnightly
£50 per month £75 per month £150 per month £325 per month
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