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We offer a range of business connectivity options from fibre broadband, fibre Ethernet and dedicated leased lines. We offer up to 10Gb/s circuits from all major UK carriers.

Grants available

The Broadband Connection Vouchers scheme is a grant run by the Government to help SMEs upgrade their broadband to faster, better connectivity. The Connection Voucher Scheme provides financial support (up to a maximum of £3000) to businesses for the purchase of super fast Internet connections in a number of cities across the UK. There is circa £40 Million of Government funding available provided on a first come, first serve basis until March 2016.

What can the connection vouchers be used for?

Up to 100Mb/s connectivity. The new connection must deliver a step change in your connectivity. Your business grade connection must have both of the following characteristics:

Offer a minimum of 20Mbps service to your premises now and be capable of being upgraded in the future to support at least 30Mbps service to your premises.

Deliver at least a doubling of speeds when compared to your current business grade connection. For example you must be able to go from 20Mbps to 40Mbps or 30Mbps to 60Mbps.