You can now try out Microsoft Edge in free virtual machines

Windows 10 was officially released last month for free to any Windows 7 or 8/8.1 users, and is now running on over 50 million devices. One of the biggest new features that Microsoft released with this update was their new web browser – Microsoft Edge.


Microsoft Edge is now be downloaded by Linux, Windows, and Mac users as the Microsoft Edge Dev leaves the Beta status. This, for now, is the only way that users and developers are able to try out the new Edge web browser without having Windows 10.


The current virtualisation platforms supported are: VirtualBox, HyperV_2012, and VMware on Windows – VMware and VirtualBox on Mac – and Virtual Box on Linux. The virtual machines will expire after 90 days.


Microsoft have said the new automated processes for releasing virtual machines allow for future updates to be deployed faster, as the platform’s updated. In the upcoming weeks there will be support or new formats available. They are working on bringing Edge to Azure RemoteApp, which will have only a 60 minute limit. The release date is not confirmed.