Windows 8/8.1 Tips

  • Boot to Desktop

Users can now boot directly to the desktop. This is not an automatic setting however and has to be activated manually.

Step One: Right-click the Taskbar

Step Two: Click Properties

Step Three: Click Navigation Tab

Step Four: Tick the option “When I sign in or close all apps on a screen, go the desktop instead of Start

Step Five: Click on OK or Apply

  •  Create a Picture Password

This is a good idea for those who struggle to remember passwords, or to create strong passwords.

Step One: Press the Windows key and I to get the Settings Charm.

Step Two: Click “Change PC Settings” in bottom right

Step Three: Go to the Users tab

Step Four: Under “Sign-in Options” click the “Create a picture password” button

Step Five: Choose a picture and define three gestures wherever you want on the image. They can be swipes, clicks, or circles 

  •  Family Safety

Create a separate account on the device for your kids (Family Safety is not available on an  administrator account). Putting Family Safety on an account can get you reports on the accounts activity, set a level of Web filtering, set time limits, and set Game, Windows Store, and app restrictions.

Step One: Go to Control Panel

Step Two: Click User Accounts, then Family Safety

Step Three: Select the account you would like to apply it to

  • Check App Sizes

If you’re wanting to free space on your device, checking the app sizes is a great idea. You could have an app you don’t even use taking up all of your space. If you follow these steps Windows 8.1 will show you a list of your installed apps in order of size.

Step One: Open the Settings Charm (Windows Key and I)

Step Two: Choose Change PC Settings

Step Three: Click Search and Apps, then App Sizes

  •  Refresh Your PC

‘Refresh Your PC’ is a great addition from Microsoft to restore your PC’s Speed. If you are having trouble with your device being slow this is a great thing to consider. This can be done on Windows 8 as well as Windows 8.1

Step One: Access your Settings Charm (Windows Key and I)

Step Two: Choose Change PC Settings

Step Three: Select Update and Recovery

Step Four: Select Recovery

Step Five: Select the first option to refresh without losing any content on the device


Select the second option to recycle the device or start over completely, resetting to its factory settings.

  •  Create A Lock Screen Slideshow

Previously it wasn’t available to have anything other than a static photo on the lock screen, however Windows 8.1 allows you to create a lock screen slideshow with photos of your choice.

Step One: Settings Charm menu (Windows Key and I) then click on Change PC Settings

Step Two: Select PC and Devices 

Step Three: Click on Lock Screen and enable the option On

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