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Why Managers Need IT Support

Professional engineer proving IT SupportIn this post, we will look at some of the ways in which managers work more efficiently and get better results when their organisation has outsourced professional IT support.

As technology advances its applications within the world of business have increased tremendously. It is extremely rare to find even a very small business that does not rely on information technology in one form or another. This ranges from very small businesses desktop computers, to larger, fully connected ones with servers, complex networks and field staff with smartphones and tablets.

However many managers have limited knowledge of how best to utilise the technology within the business, much less troubleshoot anything that goes wrong, and this is where professional IT support can assist managers, allowing them to concentrate fully on the work that they and their teams need to complete.

What is IT Support?

It may be useful to define exactly what we mean by IT Support. A very broad description would be ‘help with information technology’. However ‘IT Support’ within organisations usually refers to the team, internally or externally, that are used to make sure the technology within the business is working in the way it should be.

Proper IT Support means much more than fixing things as they go wrong. A good IT Support Team will be a key part of the business, helping the business use technology effectively to achieve its aspirations. From recommending, purchasing and installing hardware and software, configuring systems to work in the way the business needs and monitoring and maintaining systems to ensure that issues are addressed before they affect the business and its operations, the IT Support Team are responsible for anything and everything to do with information and communications technology within the business.

Whilst it is easier than ever to buy ‘plug and play’ type solutions the importance of getting the correct support with all of the businesses technology should not be underestimated.

Using the technology is only the first step

Some managers might be under the impression that just implementing a new technology will solve their problems but this is very rarely the case. A new technology may well save time and money, or allow the manager or the business to do something they couldn’t previously do. However, it is unlikely that the manager will know if the new system is correctly configured for the business or what to do if something goes wrong.

Whilst many products offer telephone or online support this can often mean spending hours on the phone and can vary greatly in quality. The alternative is often working it out yourself using ‘help’ from online forums, youtube videos etc. This is when having dedicated professional IT support comes into its own, and the canny manager will understand this and the time, and ultimately money, that this will save.

Three Reasons Why Managers Need IT Support

There are a number of ways in which good IT Support can help managers meet personal, team and business goals and targets. Below we’ve listed three of the main ones.

IT Support Helps Managers Be More Productive

Screaming business women with too much to do

You most likely employed the Managers in your business to manage teams and deliver your businesses objectives NOT to spend most of their day trying to work out why the technology is not working.

Managers can waste a huge amount of time trying to solve IT issues when a professional IT Support Team has the expertise to get the same jobs done in a fraction of the time. Indeed via the monitoring and maintenance schedule that would be implemented by any quality IT Support provider then the issues may well not have occurred in the first place.

So whilst the IT Support team keeps the technology running, the manager can get on with doing what they do best – managing your teams and delivering your business outputs.

IT Support Helps Businesses Find New Solutions to Issues

Without the kind of understanding that an IT Support Team can provide you probably don’t know the full capabilities of the technology that you possess. There may be business issues that you’ve been struggling with for some time that can be solved with some very simple changes to your existing systems, or the implementation of some low-cost new technology.

By working in partnership with your IT Support Team you’ll make sure that you’re using your technology to the businesses advantage and not missing out on any opportunities that could help the business achieve its goals and targets.

IT Support Improves Security

Security is a massive issue, and SME’s are increasingly being targeted by cybercriminals as smaller companies are often easier to target. One of the major problems is that viruses, ransomware and other attacks are constantly evolving and, with the threat coming from some many different directions, anti-virus software is often just not enough. Many attacks are the result of human error, as highlighted in our recent post, which also gives some basic tips for protecting your business and training staff.

Unless you really understand how to protect your systems you could be leaving your business wide open to an attack. An IT Support Team will assess your current security measures, investigate weaknesses and strengthen them. They will also be there if an attack does occur, ensuring you don’t lose precious data and minimizing any downtime.

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