VoIP – what is it and why should you want it?

You’re working from home and get an important call in the office. Wouldn’t it be good if you could answer that call on your laptop? Or you’re in a meeting and an urgent voicemail lands discreetly in your e-mail inbox. What about if your business could have a Nottingham area code, even though your office is in Leicester?

All this is possible with VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol. With VoIP your phone calls travel over the internet as data, just like your emails. This technology can lower your costs and provide useful features and capabilities that conventional phones don’t offer.

VoIP is becoming more popular with businesses, however there are still concerns amongst some that it costs too much to install, that the technology is difficult to understand or that the quality is poor. The truth is that VoIP has come a long way, and it’s benefits now hugely outweigh its drawbacks.

As with anything you need to decide if VoIP is the right technology for your business – but this article will try and outline some of the features to help you make the right decision.


The main reason for moving to VoIP is often reduced costs, and the savings can be significant. VoIP providers have lower overheads and so charge much less than their traditional phone company competitors.

With VoIP businesses no longer have to maintain separate networks for phones and data which is another cost saving. It’s also so much easier to make changes when staff move, join or leave which means more money saved.


Today’s VoIP services have evolved greatly from early services where both parties needed to be sat at a computer and sound quality was often poor. Nowadays you can use standard phones to make and receive calls and sound quality is much improved, to the point where many businesses are now abandoning traditional systems in favour of VoIP.


VoIP systems can do things that traditional phone system simply can’t. This includes making the system entirely portable. If you have multiple sites, home workers or even office and workers in other countries all they need is a VoIP handset or software on their PC, mobile or tablet and they can be part of the phone system . You can also integrate desk and mobile services so that callers dial one number to reach your desk phone and mobile simultaneously. Calls can be moved from one phone to another without hanging up and both phones can share a single voicemail.

You can also get what are termed as virtual phone numbers. With a virtual phone number you can have any available area code. So if you’re based in Nottingham, you can have a Leicester or Derby prefix. This can be really useful if you’re looking to target customers in other areas.

In addition to the three areas above VoIP can offer a number of other benefits. These can be added or taken off per extension at any time. These include call queries, call recording, fax to email, connectors for your in-house software or CRM and call management or wall boarding software.


No matter how big your business is, VoIP is a surprisingly flexible, cost effective technology that offers the same kind of sophisticated communication tools that some of your larger competitors have been enjoying for years.

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