How to: Three ways to increase business effiency

1. Eliminate Redundancies

Think carefully about your desired workflow now. Are things moving as they should be? From the marketing department to your sales staff, you may find many processes are being repeated or duplicated, which means you’re working far harder than you should be for smaller results. If you streamline your operations, you’ll find the power you need to become more efficient.


2. Create Anytime/Anywhere Access

Communication has to be a crucial component of your business, but it’s not going to rank above everything else unless employees can gain access to that communication and the technology they need to follow up on projects on the go. Consider offering smartphones, tablets, and laptops so your staff can keep in touch, create, modify, and do more when they’re not in the office. The easier it is to work with any other employee at any point in time at any place, the more likely you are to boost your efficiency ratings. Implement cloud services that can help ensure access is easy, no matter where your employees may be.


3. Use Feedback

You’re constantly getting feedback from customers and employees alike, but how much of it are you actually using? Create a solid outlet for feedback, then ensure that you follow up on it on a regular basis. Consider weekly or monthly feedback meetings to share ideas. Keep things on a positive note, but don’t overlook the negative feedback. Use it to become a much stronger company.




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