The price of IT issues.

Small businesses rely on their information technology and any issues are certainly annoying but any loss of critical systems comes at a cost.

One of the largest costs to any business is its employees. Whenever your employees are not working they are costing you money. Whilst you cannot expect all of your employees to be 100% productive all of the time, you don’t want anything preventing them from working.

Issues with IT and technology annoy workers and, according to a recent survey by Samsung, lead to an average of 2 hours lost working time per week. The most common problems are crashing computers, slow internet and no access to emails. As well as wasting time it is also an issue with staff retention, with 10% of staff citing technology issues as their reason for leaving a job.

So rather than just being annoying IT issues impact on profitability and staff retention, two critical areas for any small business.

Preventing IT problems and avoiding disruption

The good news is that a proactive approach can help you to avoid many IT problems. Active monitoring of your networks, carried out be a suitably qualified IT Support provider, spots issues before they develop into more significant problems. By identifying drives with low disk space, unpatched and out of date software or back-ups that are not completing correctly are all issues that could go undetected.

If these issues are not remedied then they could cause anyone of a number of issues including:

Snail on loading bar slow loading computer programme

Computers running slow – One of the main problems caused by dwindling disk space. In addition to the computer being noticeable slower staff may not be able to save work and will then spend time looking for files to delete to free up space. Obviously, this is only a temporary solution and the problem will reoccur if not dealt with properly.

Crashes and server failure – unpatched and out of date software can cause crashes resulting in lost work. This will mean employees repeating tasks, wasting time and adding frustration for workers.

Cyber-attacks – many cyber-attacks exploit vulnerabilities in older versions of software. This is another potential issue of failing to install patches and keep software up to date.

Data loss – a failed backup means that you could potentially lose important data. Even a day or two’s lost data can cause chaos, meaning that work has to be repeated.

Any of these issues can result in a lot of time being lost within the business. It’s also likely to lead to unhappy staff and customers and that can affect your bottom line. Other considerations could include data protection compliance issues which could lead to fines and further loss of customers who are concerned about your ability to keep their data safe.

However, a proactive approach to your IT management can guard against these and numerous other issues. Check your IT provider has a monitoring and maintenance process in place and is looking to head off issues before they arise.

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