The New Facebook Messenger App Is Looking Impressive…

Facebook announced at the F8 conference in San Francisco their new Messenger App Platform that focuses on content . It’s becoming it’s own platform for developers to create and integrate apps with.


The Facebook Messenger App will have a shortcut option you can press to download other compatible apps. There was a demo shown at the conference displaying how apps are installed from the client, you can access them and send content directly to the chat window. From something as simple as a database of images to send to personalised GIFs. It solved the issue of having to switch between apps, incompatibility issues, and dealing with other pitfalls that come with a communication line with too many moving pieces. Facebook have over 40 partners creating compatible apps.


You will have the ability to share from other apps within the Messenger message.


Facebook also has businesses in mind. They are enhancing interactions between people and businesses. A business can send you a message on the Facebook Messenger App to let you know when your order has been placed, shipped, and delivered. And you can respond with any questions or problems you have.


What do you think about the new features Facebook are bringing to the Messenger App? Looks like it’s going to make the app a lot better… And let’s not forget they announced a few weeks ago that you will soon be able to send people money via the app! Seems as if they’ve thought of everything 🙂