Technology Solutions to Organise Your Work Day

Most of us will admit that we have occasionally lost track of time during the workday.  Sometimes time can get away from you. This is especially true when you’re busy.  Often you can be running late before you know it and wondering where the day has gone.

Luckily, there is a wide range of technology solutions to organise your work day and put you in charge of your to-do list.

Here are some of our favourite tools to keep you organised. The best thing about these tools is they are all included within a Office 365 Business Premium licence.

Office 365 Calendar

Office 365 calendar one of the best Technology Solutions to Organise Your Work Day

We’re often guilty of spending the entire day just stuck in Outlook.  In addition to taking up your time, there are a range of features that can help you make the most of it too.  With simple tools and tweaks, you’ll be able to manage your calendar like a pro.

Office 365 Calendar is one of the best technology solutions to organise your work day. It allows you to make quick changes, alter your diary, and update items on the go.  The Calendar interface allows events and items to be picked up and moved to a different time or date with ease.

Many think of calendar packages in terms of desktop applications of years gone by.  Events, once input, were almost impossible to change, alter, or remove.  In old applications it was easier to go without a calendar at all than attempt to use the one included. 

The biggest advantage Office calendar has is the ability to access and update it from anywhere.  With 2-way sync appointments, meetings, and events can be updated anywhere and accessed everywhere.  The days of no longer being able to look at your calendar because you’re not at your PC are long gone now.

With the new wave of personal assistants such as Google Home, Alexa and Siri your PA can read your appointments out to you with a simple voice command such as ‘Hey Google, what does my day look like?’

You can add events straight from your email with a simple click.  Participants in events can be contacted with reminders automatically.  You can even schedule your own reminders before the event too. Using your calendar to stay on top of your day has never been easier. 


Office 365 additionally offers OneNote, an indispensable tool that you shouldn’t do without.  

OneNote acts as a virtual notebook to keep your ideas, projects, and notes in line.  Using OneNote enables you to power-up your text with drawings and diagrams, tailor your projects with color coding, and record your thoughts with media clips all in one location.

OneNote is the ultimate record keeping tool that you simply can’t go into a meeting without.  Physical notebooks begin to seem like a relic of the past, limited by old constraints that no longer apply.

Microsoft To-Do

Included with Office 365 is Microsoft’s To-Do application.  To-Do offers simple, straightforward to-do list that makes it easy to plan your day.

Whether plotting your daily task list, planning a project, or even keeping on top of your home life, To-Do is designed to boost productivity and make the most of your time.  The simple interface makes it easy to use and the instant reward for checking of tasks makes it well worth your while.

To-Do sorts your tasks into lists, which are combined into a single day view. The view of your day provides a clear, clutter-free list of tasks to be done. The application syncs with all your devices to give you access from anywhere.  This empowers you to quickly add, change, schedule, and tick off tasks as you go.

Microsoft Teams

Although Teams is primarily a communication tool it can be used as an effective daily planning tool too.

Set up your own Team with just you as a member. Add in the Planner App and you have a to-do list with space for notes. The best thing about Teams is you can set up a Planner based To-Do list within each Team. Once the To-Do is assigned it appears automatically in your own Team.

This gives you all your tasks in one place, whilst enabling you to track them within each project and Team easily.

There’s also opportunities to colour code, label and sub-divide ‘To-Do’s’.

Keeping On Top Of The Day

Losing track of time is easy to do.  It doesn’t take much before your day seems completely off-balance and impossible to retrieve.  With these tools from Office 365 and a tiny bit of planning, your days can become more productive than ever.

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