Take Better Photos In The Dark With LG’s G4


The teaser for the new G4 and the UX 4.0 software that comes with it is looking to be exciting. The new camera has a low-light f/1.8 lens that out do’s Samsung’s flagship, although the G4 will be hard-pressed to better the Galaxy S6’s image quality. There’s a new manual mode for finer shooting control, and a new feature ‘Quick Shot’ that allows you to snap a photo with the phone still locked, like on the iPhone. 


It’s rumoured that the new LG G4 will have a 5.5 QuadHD display, just as the G3 does. The rumours are also saying the back will be either a leather or faux-leather. It will also have photo album organization by location, revised Smart Bulletin that collects and displays info from your schedule, music, weather and other apps, and it will also have custom contact ringtones and photos. 


Until the phone is released on April 28th (2015),  we will just have to hope the rumours are true! Do you think it sounds like it’s going to be good?