Save Time In Microsoft Outlook!

Microsoft Outlook has been built to do more for you than a lot of people realise. Many people waste a lot of time doing things that the machine could be doing for you!

To start, tell Outlook what you care about. Outlook can scan an email message for specific criteria, then perform any action that you choose. This can save you time when you face an overcrowded inbox. E.g, you can flag a colour to the messages only sent to you so you can prioritise them. Or mark emails from certain email addresses as high importance so you see them straight away.

You can also create custom templates for your messages. This is useful if for example you have to explain the same thing to customers often. You can also create custom signatures in Outlook.

You can also schedule an email to go out on a certain day at a certain time. Despite the obvious, this is also useful if you’re not sure if you want to add or change anything. You can leave it scheduled to go out on a certain day and add things to it before then if you forget or need to change anything. Speaking of changing things, you can also set a two-minute delay on your emails so you have two minutes to change/add anything that you’ve forgot after you pressed send. This is only available in Outlook versions 2010 and 2013.

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